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Ture the setting properly It would be like "watching a movie and you can clearly see all the people on the screen but verything lse around " a movie and you can clearly see all the people on the screen but verything lse around is a blur That would make any book worth not reading Still I took a chance and I m really glad I didThe author writes only from Holly s point of view and reading a book from only one character s point of view is actually rare for me if not my first but I don t hate it because with the subtle hints of Mark s actual feelings for Holly seen through the girl s point #of view only it was fun to guess whether Mark had #view only it was fun to guess whether Mark had feelings for Holly or not in the beginning of the story As the story progresses and it becomes clearer that Mark And Holly Have Mutual Feelings For Each Holly have mutual feelings for ach the Uncommon Wisdom excitement makes reading this book while at work uite uncomfortable because I wanted to scream to the top of my lungs and I could only imagine what would happen if I really did do that Anyways bottom line do not read this book in a public placeBecause I really love this book I was disappointed that the story was short and nopilogue was written I mean I didn t properly time myself but I think I read this ntire book in only four hours although to be honest I was so ngross in the story that I felt like I was reading it for than four hours Needless to say I will definitely be reading another book by Sarah Morgan Best friends to Mark and Holly have been best friends for 24 years so when Mark asks her to be his fake fiancee she reluctantly agrees The first time they kiss they both realize that they love one another and what follows makes for an interesting story as they try not to let Art each other know how they feelSarah Morgan s storytelling has always held me captive and this story was noxception I couldn t put it down EnjoyableThis was a uick read romance The characters were likeable I really like this author I will definitely read of her books Cute njoyed the protagonists a simple and sweet romance. Er life back on track again but all it took was one single breathtaking kiss for Holly to discover that being Mark's fiancee was altogether a whole new xperien. 4 Stars This arly book by Sarah Morgan is a best #friends to lovers romance Since toddlers of 2 and 4 Holly and Mark have been always and for ver friends When #to lovers romance Since toddlers of 2 and 4 Holly and Mark have been always and for ver friends When went off to medical college Holly followed two years later to train as a nurse Mark s dream of a private GP practice is realized in Cornwall and Holly loves HER JOB AS A PRACTICE NURSE HOLLY HAS A job as a practice nurse Holly has a vent at her place of work it s not something she can share with Mark over the phone so she keeps silent and her life unravels Mark loves his partnership in the busy GP practice but he s in his partnership in the busy GP practice but he s in bit of a pickle The gorgeous doctor has managed to arn the adoration of his receptionist and she s determined to make him hers To spare this woman who d already been jilted at the alter further rejection Mark invents a fianc Holly When Mark calls to beg her to be his fake fianc When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) e Holly thinks the idea is ludicrous but the leaving London behind and starting fresh does appeal to her Maybe her always and forver friend Mark along with his sunny coastal Cornwall is just the ticket she needs to finally defeat her nightmares This is one of those charming romances that uickly sweep you in to the lives of the cleverly created characters Ms Morgan has worked her special brand of magic into the popular them of best friends to lover theme Mark and Holly are of course destined to be together but Ms Morgan gives them a few shaky moments as they come to realize that their perfect other half has always been right there in front of them A uick fun read This was a nice fun contemporary romance which is definitely in the category romance camp than Sarah Morgan s newer stuffIt s a virgin heroine friends to lovers fake ngagement story which are two of my favourite tropes and one that I can take or leave So a nice way to spend a couple of hours I m not normally a medical romance reader but Sarah Morgan s ones have actual medical detail she used to be a nurse so the medical stuff His fake fianceeHolly knew that she was possibly the only woman in Dr Mark Logan's life who had never fallen head over heels in love with him They had been best. ,

S always a proper part of the plot and the female characters are always super smart and competentone of my bugbears is women being the subservient ones in medical ie the nurse to the hero s doctor Morgan has written plenty of female doctors and although this heroine is a nurse she s a super conpetent practice nurse who works alongside the doctors not under them I was surprised she wasn t a prescribing nurse tbh but then if she could write her own scripts she wouldn t need to call the hero in to do it There s something about Sarah Morgan s romances set in England that I adore While somewhat predictable her swoon worthy men and women faced with a dilemma make me want to continue to turn the pages Very cute arly Sarah Morgan romance I love her heroes I also loved the British way through this Crush It! entire book Bellissimo Come sempre Sarah ti trascina dentro le sue storie con la sua capacit unica di saper descrivere luoghi caratterimozioni Non importa che la trama sia surreale ad un certo punto prevale la sua capacit superiore di saper Raccontare semplicemente non ne puoi pi fare a menoI try to translate for who need itLovely As always Sarah attracts you in her stories with her uniue ability to describe places characters motions There s a point stories with her uniue ability to describe places characters motions There s a point her books when the plot whatever it is is overwhelmed by her clever wicked writing abilities and you simply can t get rid of it 45 starsAn oldie but a goodie I ve known
you since i 
since I two and I remember the time when you put sand down my nappy When I choose a book to read I generally avoid any books that have characters with names of people I personally know because I tend to put my personal feelings into the stories So I was very hesitant to read The Doctor s Engagement because the name of the male character is actually of someone I really don t like Also the book was set in England which is a country I have never visited so I was worried that I wouldn t be able to pic. Friends since childhood so when he needed her to pretend to be his fiancee she couldn't refuse She hoped his gentle protective strength would help her to get The Doctor's Engagement

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