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The Ever After BirdEd those who are bound will be freedAccommodated at beautiful plantations Earline must play the role of slave and CeCe must keep the secret that not only are they looking for rare and CeCe must keep the secret that not only are they looking for rare but in addition they are providing guidance and resources for slaves to follow the Northern Star toward safety in the Underground Railway movementCeCe astutely observes the hypocrisy and cruelty of lily white rich plantation owners who claim to

"want what is "
what is for society while brutally subjugating an entire population of people they feel inferiorWhen black Earline falls in love with a white man severe conseuences occur and CeCe is left with a moral decision that will forever change herThis is a beautiful multi layered book with many themes Cover Blurb At least it doesn t look dated I like it well enough and all the hints about the story it has Still not my favorite cover out of all her books thoughWhat I Liked One thing I always love about this Author s books is she can begin a story with a somewhat nlikable protagonist and by the end of the story you love her CeCe is at first rather bratty and not the world s most lovable girl But as the story progressed I really began to like her I liked her than Earline who really was rather mean to her and provoked her without cause though I could sympathize with her after everything she had been through I really enjoyed watching her and CeCe s relationship grow and I loved the moment when CeCe tried to save Earline from a whipping Uncle Alex was lovable from the start he would be a great older brotherWhat I Disliked NothingBelievability I ve never had anything to complain about Ann Rinaldi s historical details She portrays slavery as it was without going into a tangent about how all white people were evil She S Always Been s always been good about portraying things fairly and truthfully for all sides The Author s Note was especially interesting to read since she talked about how the character of Uncle Alex was inspired by two real life peopleWriting Style Ann Rinaldi has always been good with accents and this book is no exception She writes authentic and believable negro and Southern accents bringing the characters to lifeContent Uncle Alex tells CeCe that before Earline ran away she was attacked raped by her master and when they re staying at one plantation two boys go into CeCe s room with the intention of doing her and Earline harm But nothing happens and Uncle Alex offers no details on Earline s pastConclusion Ann Rinaldi Expedition in search of the rare scarlet ibis CeCe is surprised to learn there's a second reason for their journey Along the way Uncle Alex secretly points slaves north in the direction of the Underground Railroad   ?. ,
I thought that the book was really good Ann Rinaldi always writes with great detail and researches phenomenally The one thing that bugs me about her writing is that the character always does the right thing nless it endangers her friends and family to do so That does make the relatability factor go down a #bit i think I ve never read a book of hers where the character doesn t do the right thing even #i think I ve never read a book of hers where the character doesn t do the right thing even they could have Still a very enjoyable bookEarline was depicted as the villain for a good portion of the book which sort of ticks me off but I do like that she had a background that made her like that and had reasons for her personality to be sort of standoffish and mean to CeCe Their relationship did seem to grow hugely in a small period of time especially with CeCe treating her like a slave and even SLAPPING HER ONCE UNCLE ALEX WAS A GREAT CHARACTER her once Uncle Alex was a great character was so kind and fair although he did kill birds He was possibly a bit too likable to be realistic and CeCe s dad a little but too much of a tyrant to be true Some people would say that they don t like how CeCe s family issues and personal problems seem to be almost imp Recently after reading so many books re the holocaust I began to point fingers at the Germans wondering just what kind of culture perpetrated such egregious violence against those whom they deemed less worthThen I was snapped back to reality that cruelty and vile inhumanity isn t reserved merely for the Nazis In fact as I m well aware our country has a nasty gly history of barbarismMy most recent read is one I highly recommend for many reasons primarily because of the simple yet complex way in which Ann Rinaldi addressed the issue of American slavery and the culture that stoked the fires of injusticeCeCe McGill is a young teen aged girl when her father an abolitionist is killed while helping slaves escape Unkind to her yet sensitive to the plight of slaves her father risked his life to help othersWhen her Uncle Alex is appointed her guardian she learns he also is an abolitionist but is wary of hypocrisy and doesn t trust him As the story A Wedding at the Italians Demand unfolds a beautiful relationship developsHer Uncle is a doctor and an ornithologist who paints exuisite renditions of rare birds found in the south When Cece accompanies her Uncle s and Erline his black educated assistant traveling to Georgia in pursuit of the rare scarlet ibis CeCe witnesses the horror of slaveryNamed the forever after bird by slaves it is thought that when this bird is spott. Now that her father is dead CeCe McGill is left to wonder why he risked his life for the ragged slaves who came to their door in the dead of night When herncle an ornithologist insists she accompany him to Georgia on an.


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Shorter stories like this always end somewhat abruptly The Reader knows that The Protagonist S Life Continues But Our protagonist s life continues but our of the person s life has now ended It s a very realistic ending and sometimes those sort Of Endings Frustrate Me But With Rinaldi endings frustrate me but with Rinaldi books it always suits I really liked The Ever After Bird it offered an interesting peek into plantation life and it had many good charactersRecommended Audience Historical fiction fans girl read most ages PlotIt has become clear that Ann s best relationships are older male mentor to a young Transformed Into the Frenchmans Mistress (The Hudsons of Beverly Hills, usually early teen girl either a sister or a ward She s a past master at creating literary crushes I find one I think this read is my favorite of those Rinaldi books I ve read to date The central characters CeCe herncle and Earline are drawn out just enough to create interest in the characters while the supporting actors are not as well developed Still thinking over these three characters after having finished the book says something about the complex and compelling nature of their depictionsI was fascinated with Earline as soon as I learned she d had to swim to freedom Earline a slave and companion to a youngster knew how to swim Was she taught to better take care of her charge the master s child Was she taught by another slave There are inner city children all over America who cannot swim and drown with greater freuency than their non Black counterparts Earline knew how to swim and swam to freedom while pregnant She was tops on my fave character list from that point Such an accomplished person A Perfect Evil (Maggie ODell, under the yoke of slaveryI was as surprised as CeCe by the turn of events that occurred when she stoodp for Earline But she stopped the cycle of violence with which she had been raised initially by her father with her act I have read CeCe described as bratty they said they were not particularly interested in her character The Wedding in White (The Men of Medicine Ridge, until much later in the story They seem to forget CeCe was an emotionally and physically abused child whose father was her bullying tormenter who could not own his own lousy character A guilty bully describes CeCe s abusive fatherUncle Alex wasite a man He was the only character that felt contrived He was too good to be true and I love him for that Every body needs a hero sometimeThe ending might have been differently done but I like the summative nature of it Rinaldi s writing does create the desire to linger in her worlds but we here in the present must push onI loved this narrativ. ? Set against the backdrop of the tumultuous pre Civil War South  The Ever After Bird is the story of a young woman's education about the horrors of slavery and the realization about the kind of person she wants to beco. ,

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