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The Final PassageTo be what he is not She forgives him everything he does and she lets him abuse her verbally Leila should have known the moment after he threw the flowers at her legs after he asked her to marry him that Michael is not going to change and her perfect partner is never going to be him She should have stayed with Arthur who actually respected her Michael marries Leila very fast and easy unlike his friend Bredeth Bredeth although he got Millie pregnant in the beginning when Leila and Michael s wedding was taking place he refused to get married to Millie Yet even at that time he took responsibility and decided that he will pay child support and met Millie s austere aunt Unlike Michael who can t even look at Leila s mother But after a while he took responsibility and decided to marry Millie He works in the shop her aunt left behind after she died and he was the one to feel pity and distress when Leila was birthing Clavin He got angry at Michael s indifference We see two people at first similar Michael and Breadth But the similarities end next to their friendship Michael is selfish irresponsible lazy Bredeth although executive alcohol consumer is responsible sensible Michael on the other hand decides that if he goes to England everything that he deserves will fall into his hands He does not care about his marriage or his child That is clearly seen as he doesn t even visit Leila when Calvin is born and he rarely even mention his son He does not mention his illegitimate son either Michael is very irresponsible and arrogant He goes to England with the idea that everything will fall into his hands when he steps onto the land His delusions are helped through the gossip of other islanders and immigrants that came back from England The rumors that Michael has heard are that black man can have as many white women as they want and with little effort he can gain unimaginable riches which are the deciding factors for his migration What Michael finds is completely different but his delusions are rooted so deep that he searches for like minded people and although Edwin is not delusional he is a bad influence on MichaelHere we saw clear representation on the sexism of the 50s and the migration to the mythical centreI think that Michael s and Leila s relationship comes to a full circle in England Their first meeting was their spring the start of their sexual relationship and their time together until the marriage proposal their summer the wedding autumn and their separation in England "writerfor me the characters in the books i "me the characters in the books I are the most important thing Here the

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made me uestion they did this or that They could not communicate They were extremely irresponsible I dislike irresponsible people Everyone has a responsibility that they have to carry and respect The respect among these people was very lowThis is a strange and bleak reality like bookI refuse to believe that this is the reality though Maybe just maybe this was the reality in the 1950s I like to believe That We People Have we people have from that time until nowBut then again this bleakness is because of the characters Which were delusional at best The book is studied in postcolonial studies Sure there is a racism and the unfairness But I felt that was not the point of the book The point I see is a false hope that people gathered for a country they actually knew nothing aboutSo much can be analyzed and written but I am stopping here S to prefer the company of his mistress So when her ailing mother travels to England for medical care Leila decides to follow her As Caryl Phillips follows the Prestons' outward voyage and their bewildered attempt to find a home in a country whose rooming houses post signs announcing 'No vacancies for coloureds' he produces a tragicomic portrait of hope. .

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Ell each other not the readerThe Final Passage is a thoroughly "engrossing Story Encapsulating The Fragility encapsulating the fragility a dream and the decision to mature out of it not just for one s "story encapsulating the fragility of a dream and the decision to mature out of it not just for one s but for the people one holds dear There are so many heart wrenching scenes where characters could open their hearts and express emotion but instead their tightly guarded thoughts are only communicated to the reader not each other so this is a record of the frustrations of life and fear that has no place to dissipate so it builds up and #takes over cutting off everything else that could exist I hated this #over cutting off everything else that could exist I hated this but loved the author s depiction of it I will look up his other books now read for school 2020this was so sad without actually being tragic It s been an emotional week for me with work and childcare commitments so maybe I was in the wrong frame of mind for reading this but I must admit I struggled with INTENT here I can usually wrap my head around what an author is hoping to achieve or at least come up with an interpretation of what that might be but The Final Passage left me flummoxed Was it a contemplation of immigration Maybe but the section set in England is rather brief The difficulties that Black women face Leila faces than her share of challenges but she never felt like a fleshed out character for me just a passive victim of circumstance lacking any kind of agency or depth that ou could at least understand what drives her I really struggled to work out what her relationship with Michael was all about it s implied that Leila s mother s illness drives her destructive behaviour but I could not reconcile why on earth she would saddle herself with such a monster there was no sense of what attracted her in the first placeParenthood Calvin felt like a prop than anything and Michael s philandering ways were always conseuence free he is genuinely one of the most irredeemable characters I ve ever read outside of a traditional villain roleI just kept finding myself wondering what the point of this book was Misery porn perhaps because it was unrelentingly bleak devoid of any hope and I couldn t bring myself to truly care even if the unsettling ending rocked me a bit I m really interested to see what the rest of book club thought as early chatter seems to be that people are enjoying it unlike with Norwegian Wood where we were all united in our dislike We ll see I hate Michael that s all I want to say about this book I didn t like a single thing about it 35Utterly depressing but at the same time very human There s no doubt that Caryl Phillips is a gifted writer It took me a couple of pages to get used to the narrative style because the author started the story right at the beginning of the final passage But I was soon catching up with the story and the protagonist s sufferingsWhy Leila wanted to marry Michael is an absolute mystery to me He didn t care for her at all Disaster was bound to happen Did Leila behave the way she did because her mom was emotionally distant Does that explain why she didn t know how to assess other people s feelings towards herAnother theme dealt with in this book is immigration 9 months ago I moved to a different country so I could totally relate to the protagonist s feelings and thoughts was it right to move away or should I have stayed I thought the ending was good even though it was uite open and some readers may be annoyed that there s not a definite answer to Leila s story. And dislocation The Final Passage is a novel rich in language acute in its grasp of character and unforgettable in its vision of the colonial legacy Like Isabel Allende and Gabriel Garcia Maruez Phillips writes of times so heady and chaotic and of characters so compelling that time moves as if guided by the moon and dreams Los Angeles Times Book Review. 33 Saint Kitts and Nevis West Indies This is the story of "Leila A Young Woman "a oung woman from a little Caribbean island to England with her child and her poor excuse for a husband The first part of the book is about the life on the island and the reasons she decided to leave her home In the second part she s trying to adapt to her life in London The story is beautifully written and getting Leila s point of view was very interesting It is also depressing as she learns that poverty may even be harder a Country So Different From so different from In the end it all comes down to the destructive impact of colonization Very well written but just so bleak I kept wanting to shake several of the characters they are just so human so completely flawed I would like to make it clear that I thought this book was well written I enjoyed the imagery as well as Phillips narrative style I also enjoyed Bradeth and Millie and was sad that I did not get to spend time with them I gave this book two stars only because it left me feeling depressed While I sympathized with Leila s situation distant mother absent husband foreign land I could not help but wish she would have tried a little to stand up for herself Granted this is set in the late 50s and I have no frame of reference as to what it was like to be a West Indies woman living in London I think I will try to give this book another go at a later date and see if I can find something new between the pages i am angry and confused and i am so glad i finished it for most of it i didn t enjoy it i feel like the only one who deserves rights is calvin The ear is 1958 in The Carribean and Leila and Michael decide to migrate to England The dreamland They decide to migrate in order to solve their problems Leila s problems are that her marriage to Michael is over before it even started and that maybe just maybe England will change Michael for the better and he will be the husband that she dreams of Leila likes the confidence and arrogance that Michael has Somehow his bad boy persona is so unlike her uiet nature and that attracts her to him Even though her best friend Millie and her mother clearly disapprove of him Leila is a mullato girl and because her skin colour is lighter she is considered on the island very beautiful and held in high regard Michael on the other hand is selfish and he only searches for Leila when he has a sexual need He feels inferior next to her because he has no job no skills and no prospects Instead of getting a job he drinks all day and then runs to the easy prospect of food shelter and sex that Beverly provides He has with her an illegitimate son that he does not care aboutBut when Beverly leaves Michael He is shocked that the almost mute woman has put him in his place As a man he is not used to rejection and although very arrogant and abusive usually when Beverly stand up to him he is scared In other words he is a cowardThen he goes back to Leila and it s not because he feels sorry or regrets but it feels almost just because he feels bored Michael sexism shines in one particular scene for me When Beverly who is clearly taking care of him gives him the bike that he wanted Michael gets angry and even wants to beat her not caring that his son is inside He as a man cannot accept such pity and Beverly the most pitiful woman in his mind is getting the upper hand in a wayLeila is delusional in her desire for Michael to change and in her want for him. From the British West Indian novelist who is rapidly emerging as the bard of the African diaspora comes a haunting work about the final passage the exodus of black West Indians from their impoverished islands to the uncertain opportunities of England In her village of St Patrick's Leila Preston has no prospects a Desire and Deceive young son and a husband Michael who seem.

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