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To have a play on the MOTORWAYONE OF THE THINGS ABOUT WALKING of the things about walking I enjoy

how your mind wonders it amazing how many issues at work I ve solved uring my lunchtime walk on the common and that part of walking features heavily in this book Somerville s mind wanders again and again to his father about how The Clock Without a Face distant he was when Somerville was a lad and how once he had retired they were able to bond over longistance walking it was a great homage to a father and at times uite heart breakingI liked how this book was laid out a walk per month usually with a reason for walking in that area ie lambing season or particular birds arriving back in the UK The walk is only a small part of the chapter so much history has been included and a lot of nature crammed in too A favourite part for me was when he Captives of the Private House did St Cuthbert s walk an area of Scotland I have been too a few times and he covered the bit of the route I haveone it absolutely tipped it Teaspoon and an Open Mind down for me at the same spot and it would be funny if we took shelter at the same placeThe writing is very good easilyrawing in the reader and not getting boring at any point Somerville has written a lot of books so I ll have to check another one out soonBlog review This is a slow moving and lovely book I really enjoyed the author s A Celtic Miscellany description of his father and their relationship Wonderfulescriptions of the British countryside and nature but what really spoke to me was this uoteThere is no walking to compare with walking in snowIt is transcendental clea The January Man wa. Love of walking his prodigious need to o it – and how and why I walk myself” The January Man is set over one calendar year as month by month region by region Christopher Somerville walks the routes that remind him of his father As he travels the country – from the River Severn to the Lake District the Norfolk Coast to the Isle of Foula off the west coast of Shetland – he escribes the history wildlife landscapes and people he passes own back.
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Christopher Somerville walking correspondent of The Times newspaper ocuments his walks around the British Isles The book is structured into the twelve months of the year as escribed in the folk song The January Man and the chapters are linked by reminiscences of the time Somerville spent walking with his father a man who seemed very istant and forbidding uring his childhood but who later became a much loved man who seemed very istant and forbidding Stolen Magic (Stardust, during his childhood but who later became a much loved admired companion for some of the walks he recaptures hereThis is a warm and gentle book ranging acrossifferent regions weather conditions landscapes and customs It is uite straightforward and undemanding so I feel it may be less inspiring for those who read a lot in the nature writing genre However it is perfect for the occasional reader like myself who likes is perfect for the occasional reader like myself who likes generic sweep of unfamiliar parts of Britain taking in flora and fauna alongside manmade monuments and buildingsI also enjoyed Somerville s The Billionaire Daddy descriptions of hiseveloping relationship with his father wise and loving without being overly sentimental and willing to recognise the mistakes and misunderstandings of youth Very enjoyable easy to read informative and inspiring I have thoroughly enjoyed this book about the joys of walking and there are so many little titbits of information that shall stick with me for ages particularly about badgers
the side of the roadI went hunting for scurvy grass until I realised that was featured in a Pistols for Two different month to the one I was experiencing so the flowers were probably past it nowstill I got. “In January 2006 a month or two after my fatheried I thought I saw him again – a momentary impression of an old man a little stooped setting off for a walk in his characteristic fawn corduroys and shabby uilted jacket It was walking that first caused rifts between us in my sulky teenage years and walking that brought us back together later on; and this ‘ghost’ of Dad has been walking at my elbow since his eath as I have ruminated on his great. ,

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S so much than I expected It was a beautiful piece of nature writing filled with vivid escriptions of the author of nature writing filled with vivid escriptions of the AUTHOR EXPERIENCE WALKING THE BRITISH ISLES ACROSS THE SEASONS experience walking the British Isles across the seasons of wildlife observations flavored with a bit of folklore some family history and childhood memories it was also a love letter to his father and it was incredibly heartwarming I even teared up while reading it though it wasn t sad at any point However it was soaked with immense love to which it was hard to remain indifferentI m a huge fan of the UK of its language character nature traditions history literature music and people Christopher Somerville s story was Somerville is the walking correspondent for the London Times This is much than a collection of recommended walking routes The book has several shaping elements the folk song that lends the title which gives commentary both literal and symbolic on the seasons of the year and of life a circular tour of Britain wandering from Somerville s childhood home near Cheltenham all the way to the Shetland island of Foula and back to Somerset and his memories of walking holidays with his late father their means of being close even though his reserved father carefully hid his wartime memories and top secret work for the government Inevitably I liked some chapters Foula in June and December a walk up Cley Hill to play the melodeon on Boxing Day and joining in a mummers play better than others but overall I think this gives a lovely sense of the British landscape and its countryside customs. Lanes and old paths in rain and fair weatherThis exuisitely written account of the British countryside both inspires us to The Last Rite (Danilov Quintet, don our boots and explore the 140000 miles of footpaths across the British Isles but also illustrates how on longistance walks we can come to an understanding of ourselves and our fellow walkers Over the hills and along they by ways Christopher Somerville finally finds the man behind his father’s modest buttoned up wartime facad. ,
The January Man

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