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Changed their views or opinion or as it is said they actually didn t mean it like that For anyone who s ver been pressured to settle down been on a horrendous date hello filtered photos or has had all the Indian matchmaking Aunties in your life try to marry you off okay maybe not that one The Marriage Clock is going to be as fun of a read for you as it was for me Relatable smart and witty with a heroine that you can t help but root for as she makes her way through the disasters of dating and familial pressure Zara Raheem has knocked it out of the park with this one I received an advanced copy All opinions are my own I Dinosaur Dinners expected this to be a typical romcom but there was much depth to the characters and story than I anticipated The mother her friendscousin and Leila areach flawed and complicated in their own ways and you can t help but cheer for them throughout I read this in one sitting because I could not put it down Raheem s book is a hilarious yet honest look at love heartbreak and the pressures that come with cultural In His Blood expectations I recommend this to not only gain insight about Muslim Indian culture but also if you just want to be thoroughlyntertained I so wanted to love this book I was actually very sure that I would adore it I won t say that my Desert Kings (Deathlands, expectations were necessarily very high but I just felt it in my bones and all I m feeling is sad after finishing the bookThough I ve been blogging for around 2 years now I m still not very observant and tend to not notice any flaws or problematic issues or cliches in the writing unless they are veryxplicit I actually had to ask my other blogger friends what it meant when reviewers talked about show vs tell style of writing So imagine my surprise when for the first couple of chapters there was just telling and no showing in this book at all and An Officer and a Spy even I was able to recognize that It wasn t bad per se but I guess it just wasn t a great beginning but it turned better once we got into the meat of the story The book is fairly fast paced throughout with lots of hilarious andmbarrassing dating situations which were Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, entertaining to read about but sometimes also fell into typical South Asian stereotypes I obviouslynjoyed all the desi Ooko elements of the book food culture language parentsxpectations regarding dating and marriage arrange marriage system and all the nosy aunties and specially Bollywood There are so many references to movies and songs and actors which I absolutely loved and found very organic to the story but I don t know how readers who aren t familiar with the industry would feel about it There was a particular situation that made me feel very nostalgic when the main character starts sobbing uncontrollably while watching the MOVIE VEER ZARA AND THE TERE Veer Zara and the Tere song starts playing while this happens to her during a flight journey it completely transported me to a train journey I took a long time ago when I too started sobbing while listening to the same song The main character s reaction when she visits India also felt very relatable and I couldn t stop reminiscing about my own xperiences It s these little little moments in the book that made it worth reading for meI can t say the same for the main character Leila She maybe twenty six years old but is very confused and judgmental and I was both frustrated with her and felt sympathetic towards her plight I really felt for her desperation about wanting to get married while also wanting to choose the guy and pleasing her parents and also answering Shadow Scale (Seraphina, every single nosy uestion all the time I could totally understand the pressure she was under because however dramatic it might seem it is a reality for many South Asian women However she had too many cinematicxpectations about romance and marriage and that felt pretty childish And while I do agree "that most of her dates were terrible they were also uite caricaturish And she kept uestioning her self "most of her dates were terrible they were also uite caricaturish And she kept uestioning her self because of a guy and I absolutely hated it because I guess I just wanted something from a high school teacher from LA She was very indecisive throughout mostly making decisions based on what her friends suggested or her mother manipulated her into I just wanted her to introspect what she wanted for herself and stand up to her parents And when it finally happened I found it to be too little too late and it totally frustrated me because she didn t Claim The Crown even come to that conclusion on her own I m actually not sure how to conclude my review This book has uite a few rave reviews so maybe I m being overly harsh in my judgement The writing was funny for the most part and very relatable to me as an ownvoices Indian reader not Muslim though It s also a very fast read and I got through it in just a few hours I think I wanted from the main character and was disappointed in that regard I won t say that I don t recommend it because it might just be to someonelse s taste and I wouldn t want to dissuade any readers I LOVED this book Like totally loved Leila is funny Er lifelong dreams of a Bollywood romance which has her convinced that real love happens before marriage not the other way aroundFinding the right husband was always part of her life plan but after 26 years of singledom Nerds even Leila is starting to get nervous And to make matters worse her parents are panicking the neighbors are talking and she's wondering are herxpectations just too high So Leila decides it's time to stop dreaming and start datingShe makes a deal with her parents they'll give her three months until their 30th wedding I chose to read The Marriage Clock because I m always interested in reading own voices writing about their culture Clock because I m always interested in reading own voices writing about their culture this time last year I read a book the premise of which was finding a man through matchcom Though that book was comical at the In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, end I felt unsatisfied as a reader as the female protagonist didn t seem to growmotionally from her Bark experiences That is not true of The Marriage Clock I flew through this book in just a few hours Raheem s writing style is simple direct andasy to read Her characters particularly Leila are fully developed funny and all to human She is a first generation American with Indian parents Leila is freuently torn between her liberal American self and her family loving Muslim self Often she s frustrated by her traditional parents who have decided it is time she fulfill her destiny and marry thus starting the countdown on The Marriage Clock Leila is convinced she ll find a partner On Such a Full Sea eual to the men her favorite Bollywood movies but with liberal ualities of an American male tossed into the potRaheem s description of Leila s trials in finding a husband range from sad to pathetic to hysterical Her rejects areach individualized with traits that range from funny to totally bizarre the guy who uses the sound bam to punctuate Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! every sentence the one who asks about the past medical history of Leila and herntire family the one who s far older than he admits to the one who s already Cannibal engaged but fails to divulge this to Leila and finally the one who ghosts her after a seemingly great deal in which she thinks they really connectedThis was not a typical romantic comedy though thoselements are present There is depth to the narration and the characters are all well developed Mastered (The Enforcers, especially Leila s family and friends In addition the glimpses into the Muslim Indian community and culture are wonderful The Marriage Clock is also an amusing look into traditional arranged marriages with auntie matchmakers biodata spreadsheets compiled by Leila s parents speed dating and dating apps The joy of this book as mentioned above is the personal growth of Leila and her journey to self acceptance 3 12 stars rounded up because it left me in a good mood Now that she s reached the impending spinsterhood age of 26 Leila Abid s Muslim South Asian American parents are adamant Find a husband and find him soon Theyven pick a date Their 35th wedding anniversary three months away So Leila dutifully starts a dating campaign to find a man who matches the desired attributes she once wrote on seven napkins trying Man, Son of Man every method available apps matchmakers speed dating But while there are plenty of available men none of them seems to be Mr Right And that deadline keeps loomingver closer I picked this up xpecting a romance but it turned out to be a very different book And I actually liked the book It Turned Out To Be turned out to be than the one I was anticipating So nice fake out book The first half of the book is pretty light Each chapter presents one pisode in Leila s dating scheme and is related wryly and unemotionally as a sort of *Comedy Of Manners Every Method Of Seeking Love Offers Some *of manners Every method of seeking love offers some of stumbling block and she manages to trip over all of them I thought this was all presented very ntertainingly specially since the chapters are short and don t dwell on Leila s xperiences this is a mostly angst free story although Leila does find herself strongly affected by some of her interactions and xperiences In a way this was what I was hoping for from Is There Still Sex in the City but didn t get The second half of the book gets a bit serious Leila begins to panic but she also begins to have deeper conversations with other people about What Marriage Means and finally asks herself what Unseen City exactly she wants from a marriage rather than whatveryone Art elsespecially her parents seem to be telling her she should want I really God Is in the Crowd enjoyed this book It s a good mixture of lightness and depth with its story presented warmly andmpathetically It s also a very uick read This was definitely a pleasant surprise Seven Napkins would also have been an apt title for this book as they get referred back to many times over the course of the story This book was a spark that I needed in life As a single 24 year old college student busy with her own life marriage is something I have not yet Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard even thought about and this book definitely opened myyes in different ways The Marriage Clock made me realize marriage and love shouldn t be something forced and rushed upon and that this chapter you The Matriarchs (The Family encounter in life will come when you meet the right one Thank you Zara Raheem for reminding me that love shouldn t be based on a clock and that it s something to be worth waiting for the heroine just couldn t catch a break and that got old pretty fastyes for own voices books yes for diverse romance bookssadly this one just a bit lacking for me it is hard to accept thatnding after the whole book her representing her parents certain way they just like that. Named a Must Read Book of the Summer by POPSUGAR Bustle Book Riot and In Zara Raheem's fresh funny smart debut a young Muslim American woman is given three months to find the right husband or Notes for the Everlost else her traditional Indian parents will find one for her a novel with a universal story thatveryone can relate to about the challenges of falling in loveTo Leila Abid's traditional Indian parents finding a husband in their South Asian Muslim American community is as asy as match meet marry But for Leila a marriage of arrangement clashes with ,

Nd adorable and you only want good things for her and men who don t ghost her say BAM too much or ask about her genetic history or gives her his honest age You really feel how she s torn between loving her culture and being frustrated by it and her well meaning lovable but at times frustrating parents Her struggle for balance is so genuineAnd very single character is so well drawn form Leila s group of friends to her various dates and their parents to her family in India No Biggy! each is uniue and special and you can totally hearveryone s voice And the writing beautiful There were so many laugh out loud moments as well as poignant ones Lelia s story is familiar and uniue and where her journey will take her is up in the air through the Crush It! entire piece keeping you reading until the verynd I am so happy I got to read this as an ARC I can t recommend this book Attracting Birds to Your Backyard enough book 6 completed for the reading rush under the challenge of read an author s first book ifeel so cheated right now fjkdahfkja wHAT JUST HAPPENEDto start i was reallyxcited about this book bc i m dying for some good accurate uality content romcoms featuring asian muslim characters bc gosh i am in Dire need of them you have to live wildly through your books okay otherwise what s the pointand the book started off pretty good i thought the writing was Deep Listening engaging and hilarious i laughed out loud multiple times the main character was opinionated and snarky and generally i like main characters with those traitsbutit got worse so the first thingveryone should know about our main character leila is that she is the most judgemental creature to Bird-by-Bird Gardening existthe i read the i found that her character constantly contradicted herself and she just kept complaining and complaining and judging and complaining and i was going to sCrEaM if i had to deal with it againforxample leila CONSTANTLY goes on and on and on about how she s looking for nontraditional guy who challenged cultural xpectations and didn t adhere to conventional gender roles which is great sis you do you but then she goes on this date with this dude she met from a matrimonial website and when he suggests they split the bill she freaks out and i uote Whatever happened to 13 GENTLEMANLY and 25 CHIVALROUS I was not old fashioned by any means but I grew up in a household where I was taught that men always treated women with courtesy and respect They opened the doors They carried the groceries They paid the bill OKAY BUT LIKE YOU WERE JUST ASKING FOR A GUY WHO CHALLENGED GENDER NORMS SO WHERE IS THE SENSE but okay it wasn t all badthere were some really sweet moments with leila and her friends she has this awesome group of girls that she can joke around with and come to for advice and just chill and i thought that was fantastic i also really appreciated the author s unapologetical inclusion of indian heritage it was included so seamlessly *And Really Enhanced The Book *really nhanced the book its detailed descriptions and authenticityleila does grow as a character in SOME aspects and the friendship she built with her cousin was probably my FAVOURITE things about the book it was really sweet and innocent and precious and i wish there were scenes along those lines than the ones where leila did something to annoy me and there were some REALLY adorable moments of romance that had my heart singing and me bursting with sueals pretty mbarrassing i know and i was ready to ship them to the freaking MOON but we shall not talk any about that bc spoilers and MOON but we shall not talk any about that bc spoilers and aint no cheatfor those of y all who read it view spoiler look i was a full time zain shipper in the beginning but then the boi kinda disappeared we can still hope right AND THEN HER LITTLE LOVE WITH HISHAM THAT WAS SO CUTE I WAS YELLING INTO THE VOIDwhy didn t they nd up together i feel so sad omg whats the point of a romcom with no rom i want MY HAPPY ENDING hide spoiler ARC received from the publisher romcom with no rom i want MY HAPPY ENDING hide spoiler ARC received from the publisher Edelweiss in My Teacher Is a Robot exchange for an honest review I wanted to love this book I really did But I had so many issues with the protagonist and her attitude For a 26 year old high school teacher Liela was very immature indecisive and judgemental Her dreams of a Bollywood type love story felt like a fourteen year old s obsession with DDLJ And her unrealisticxpectations for MrPerfect made me roll my Supper Club eyes constantlyLiela s plight was relatable to somextent as the pressure to marry at the right age is common in India as are nosy relatives Even the writing was pretty good for a debut But the writer could have tried to stencil a better heroine than this clueless damsel in distress Also the fact that she s a stickler about not paying for her meal made me respect her less and less The Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) ending was nice Leila putting her self worth before her parentsxpectations was a good take But it felt too little after Professional Capital everything she went through to please her parents Not that this was a bad book but I wasn t satisfied with it Others might like it if only for the hilarity in Leila s series of horrible dates. Nniversary to find a husband on her own terms But if she fails they'll take over and arrange her marriage for herWith the stakes set Leila succumbs to the impossible mission of satisfying her parents'xpectations while also fulfilling her own western ideals of love But after a series of speed dates blind dates online dates and ven ambush dates the sparks just don't fly And now with the marriage clock ticking and her 3 month deadline looming in the horizon Leila must face the conseuences of what might happen if she doesn't find the on.

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