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I said it s also not for the faint of heart let me tell you right now You ll be reading detailed the faint of heart let me tell you right now You ll be reading detailed of torture including someone s nail getting ripped out without anything left out of its description I even had to skip a few pages during a part that involved cockroaches and a dead body No details spared there either No thanksWhere there s a lack in character development there s also lacks emotion and depth While I was horrified by what these girls were doing I was not crying over any death that occurred in this story I was just mostly grossed out and traumatized by the lengths they were going to remove this traumatized by the lengths they were going to remove this evil from this girl Though even with the extremes it s not exactly unbelievable especially in light of stories in the news at the moment about girls stabbing each other to prove something to a fictional character created by the internet This made it all the shocking to read to be honest Throughout the book we get flashbacks from our protagonist that uickly tells us she has dark secrets of her own We also learn a bit of the other girls secrets as well but the main characters story ends up being the one with the most meaning It lent purpose to the story s twist Personally I actually really liked the ending but I can also see it being a hit or miss for most I found it to be a good and uniue angle the author decided to adoptOverall is pretty much the whole of the book A one night stay in a torture filled house with no escape and a bunch of psychopathic teenagers There s not much I can say about it really It s plain and simply a cheap thrill ind of read that I s plain and simply a cheap thrill ind of read that I recommend to true horror fans An advance copy was provided by the publisher for reviewFor of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads This is a crazy weird insanely messed up book but inda awesomeI am a big fan of all things scary and the horror genre and I think this book lives up to that titleThe characters weren t great it was predictable at times but the plot overall was insane I think the gruesomehorrific scenes were done very well they definitely gave me goosebumps and made me l The Merciless really is just a crappy version of Mean Girls with a heavy dose of gratuitous violence and sensationalism I ept seeing the Mean Girls parallels as I was reading the two really are astonishingly alike but this book fills up the absence of clever irony with senseless melodrama and angst Even Kirkus called this Mean Girls with an occult twistThe lack of an ironic tone mak. Red them with their perfect hair and their good girl ways They said they wanted to save Brooklyn They wanted to help her Sofia didn’t realize they believed Brooklyn was possessed   Now Riley and the girls are performing an exorcism on Brooklyn but their idea of an exorcism is closer to torture than salvation All Sofia wants is. ,

Es the girls bitchy language seem incredibly immature and damn annoying "after a while This book may struggle to find an audience " a while This book may struggle to find an audience it reads young for the targeted mature teens and young adults but contains too much gruesome imagery nails being pulled off to be one I could easily recommend for younger ids The language is very simplistic not necessarily a bad thing and I found myself flicking through pages very uickly in the beginning but it soon became too ludicrous to read without rolling my eyesFollowing the plot of Mean Girls this book is about a new girl in school called Sofia Flores and how she ends up torn between the rebellious outcast girl Brooke and the group of beautiful popular girls who try to take her under their wing She ends up hanging around with one to spy on the other etc etc you probably remember the story yourself even without probably remember the story yourself even without the book Then there s the whole occult twist angle as these popular girls are deeply religious and believe Brooke is possessed by a demonAnd that s another thing I m not giving away any information that isn t readily offered up by the official blurb and yet this essentially spoils the entire first half of the novel rendering the author s attempts at suspense pointless There is an overwhelming sense of pointlessness about this whole story it feels created to shock us with blood and ritual sacrifices instead of containing any actual substance Such a shame really because it sounded so goodDespite the impression we are given by the blurb I didn t find this scary at all Laughable is like it I did speed through it and found the writing very easy to digest so I upped my rating a little but the fact remains that this book is nonsensical sensational and utterly unbelievable The scenes that are supposed to be loaded with suspense and fear are just cheesy and all the girls reasons for doing what they do are so stupid that I couldn t even consider any one of them serious villains It s not that I don t believe teen girls can be fucking crazy but they were shown to have such a shallow pointless mentalityThe ending was easy to predict too Maybe this is suited to fans of traditional horror because I admit that I can see this making a wonderful slasher film that could be shown every Halloween But if you re looking for a psychological thriller starring teen girls then I would recommend shifting your sights towards the works of Abigail Haas instead of thisBlog Leafmarks Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr. To get out of this house But there is no way out Sofia can’t go against the other girls  unless she wants to be next   In this chilling debut Danielle Vega delivers blood curdling suspense and terror on every page By the shockingly twisted end readers will be faced with the most haunting uestion of all Is there evil in all of. The MercilessSofia just wants to fit in like any new girl would High school is a big scary world especially when you re a military brat moving every six months When she makes new friends with the popular girls she s over the moon When they ask her to spy on the weird id Brooklyn she s wary When they ask her to help them perform an exorcism on Brooklyn Sofia begins to realize that something is very wrong hereAfter all everyone has their own sins to confessMean Girls meets The ExorcistI wanted to love this book The book itself was uniue a hardback without dust jacket that looked like a Bible than a YA *Book The Gaudy Matte *though the gaudy matte ruined the effect a bit YA horror isn t something I find good examples of freuently though so when I saw this on sale on BookOutlet I naturally had to grab itThis book was so damn annoying The narrator felt very shallow as a character she new what was happening was wrong but ept going along with it because she wanted to be accepted blah blah blah typical teenager bullshit None of the characters ever received any real fleshing out to be frank there was probably backstory around the narrator s stroke affected grandmother than anyone elseI figured out the ending somewhere around the 30% mark which always puts a damper on things but I try not to let that bias my review The violence throughout the second half varied between really cringe y in a good way to cringe y in a bad way and by the end of it I just felt like I d wasted a couple of hours of my life I won t be picking up the seuel and would not recommend this title AAAAAAAAAAH This was my reaction to much of this novel s happenings It s a horror through and through and definitely not for the wussies or faint of hearts After a uick introduction to our protagonist and the definitely not for the wussies or faint of hearts After a uick introduction to our protagonist and the we re thrust into a house of torture ind of read where these girls have it in their head that one is a demon that must be exorcised Most girls would just start a burn book But not these girls These girls opt for pulling hairs out of scalps and taking fingernails out Yeah Excuse me while I go barfThe book itself is for the horror and shock value than substance Character development is not especially strong for instance And I found myself frustrated by the number of times the protagonist almost got the upper hand in this story 20 pages spent on her plan to get the girls drugged so she can escape just to fail in 10 seconds and so on But it does offer a pretty decent horror story nonetheless And like. Forgive us Father for we have sinned Brooklyn Stevens sits in a pool of her own blood tied up and gagged No one outside of these dank basement walls Girl Reporter knows she’s here No one can hear her scream   Sofia Floresnows she shouldn’t have gotten involved When she befriended Riley Grace and Alexis on her first day at school she admi.

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