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The PawnbrokerThis was a life changing book for me when I was 12 I m trying to find some record of what I said about it back then I ll be rereading it as well Visit My Book Self for reviews giveawaysSol Nazerman is a victim of the Holocaust as you become familiar with Sol you understand he is far from the label of survivor He s best described as a dead man walking an automaton of trauma Broken from all he has endured and lost impacting his life greatly the mental and emotional damage unrepairable An Affecting Story Of Tremendous story of tremendous family sacrifice A story of icking up the ieces when every thing has been stolen from you Well written a harsh glimpse into the lasting effects of from you Well written a harsh glimpse into the lasting effects of enduring the unthinkable of the HolocaustI enjoyed the story the ortrayal of Sol is well done I m not sure how I felt about the ending one big allegory leaving me ambiguous The ending was redictable to a degree yet it caught me somewhat off guard I found it interesting halting yet completely unsure on my final verdictGreat story lovely writing erfect counterbalance of fiction and literature Pretty dark but compelling The hilarious athos of Tenants is obviously missing but the bruised rituals of survivors make this a wrenchin. For most of us remembering the Holocaust reuires effort; we listen to stories watch films read histories But the eople who came to be called “survivors” could not avoid their memories Sol Nazerman rotagonist of Lewis Wallant’s The Pawnbroker is one such suffererAt 45 Nazerman who survived Bergen Belsen although his wife and did not runs a Harlem awnshop But ,

G satisfaction They don t write novels like this any There is such an inherent ugliness in The Pawnbroker and novels like this any There is such an inherent ugliness in The Pawnbroker and does it ever let up Heavy handed morose darkly humorous and at times gloriously overwritten This is as much a book about the Holocaust as it is about overty in New York City everybody is ruined in ways than one Rarely have such unlikable characters been so lovingly treated by their author Edward Lewis Wallant had that rare touch of hammering the reader with the grotesue and Battered Not Broken pitiful and then on the nextage What Ive Become (The Humanity Within Book 1) plucking the right heart strings and embracing the characters with a strange soulful empathyAn important American novelA beautifulassage And the The Contemporaries pawnbroker stared just as yearningly as a freezing man stares at the last ember of a fire and suddenly sees how lovely the color of light can be The sea of grief has no shores no bottom no one can sound its depths Primo Levi If Not Now WhenSol Nazerman runs aawnshop in a neglected low income black neighbourhood in 1960s East Harlem Every day miserable UML Weekend Crash Course [With CDROM] people appear in the shop trying to trade in their cherishedossessions for small loans they need to keep going Nazerman responds to their desperation with apathy and disdain We slowl. He operation is only a front for a gangster who Steampunk Erotica pays Nazerman a comfortable salary for his services Nazerman’s dreams are haunted by visions of hisast tortures Dramatizations of these scenes in Sidney Lumet’s 1964 film version are famous for being the first time the extermination camps were depicted in a Hollywood movieRemarkable for its attempts to dramatize the aftereffects
La Croisière Charnwood

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Y learn Nazerman is a holocaust survivor who was dehumanized in the camps and who lost everything he ever cared about Nazerman has cut himself off from his emotions as the camps and who lost everything he ever cared about Nazerman has cut himself off from his emotions as means of
and is moving comatose through He is catatonic like a creature embedded in a Poker Slave plastic blockBut august was his bad month Every year on the 28th of August it was his anniversary the anniversary of his family s death HIS death On this day his heart had atrophied like the mammoth he had beenreserved in ice What did he fear then If the ice Finally Melts The Meat melts the meat the great entombed creature merely rots One could only die once He had been extinct for a long time and only the carcass remained to be disposed ofThe Pawnbroker is a bleak unsentimental and forbidding book Nazerman is bitter asocial and trusts no one he s a complete misanthrope who only sees ugliness in everything and everyone This makes for some uncomfortable reading At the same time the book is deeply melancholic as it slowly reveals the depth of suffering of Nazerman who is struggling to maintain his emotional detachment in order to be able to function in life Is there still hope for someone who experienced the worst that humans are capable off 710. F the Holocaust The Pawnbroker is likewise valuable as an exploration of the fraught relationships between Jews and other American minority groups That this novel a National Book Award finalist manages to be both funny and weighty makes it all the tragic that its talented author died at age 36 the year after its To the Golden Shore publication The book sold than 500000 copies soon after it wasublished.

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