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S the furry feline at Comfy Cats and then several people become very interested in Harpo s well being and go to great and dangerous lengths to get their hands on the pretty PersianI fell for the characters in this story immediately Cassie her friend Dawn and her new employee Sarah are so well developed for the first book in this series We also meet local veterinarian Mark who Cassie and I would both like to get to now better The author also gives us a nice variety of suspects from the ex wife to the housekeeper and Of course they are some furry characters too that I absolutely lovedThe plot has some really nice twists I thought I had figured out a very important clue and was "PRETTY PROUD OF MYSELF UNTIL I FOUND OUT I "proud of myself until I found out I totally wrong The author manages to drop a ey clue here and there as she tells us about cat grooming and CASSIE S LIFE THERE ARE ALSO A COUPLE OF s life There are also a couple of suspenseful moments that had me sitting up straight in my chair and really paying attention At first I didn t think the story was fast paced until I reached the end and realized I had read the whole thing in one sitting To say I escaped into the book is a true understatementI love the theme of the series as I am a cat lover the characters are some I want to get to now better and if future mysteries are this entertaining Eileen Watkins will have a hit series on her hands The Bengal Identity will be released March 27 2018 and it is already on my wish list A cat ivating cozy for all cozy lovers but for true cat lovers this is a must read The first book in a new series featuring Cassie McGlone a cat groomer It is an easy and informative read It covers cat grooming rescue clicker training and itten training Cassie best friend Dawn Tischler owns a health food store who adopts a itten Cassie has three recuse 3 cats that live with her She has open a cat grooming and boarding store I like the way the homicide detective works with CassieCassie goes to groom a Persian cat Harpo and finds his owner dead She is concern about what will happen to Harpo and becomes involved with his owner s friends and relatives Eventually it is decided that Harpo will be a boarder until the will is read Suddenly his owner friends and relatives want Harpo Why is everyone interested in the cat The are a number of twists and turns that hold the reader s attention The ending will surprise I am looking forward to reading the next bookDisclosure I received a free copy from Kensington Books through NetGalley for an honest review I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book The opinions expressed are my own Fun and entertaining Cassie McGlone has her own cat grooming and boarding business She soon finds herself embroiled in a murder mystery when she goes to a client s home to groom Harpo the cat and stumbles upon a murder scene insteadShe soon finds herself being considered a suspect so in order to clear her own name she takes it upon herself to independently investigate the murder During the course of her sleuthing she s ind enough to board Harpo at. At a cat whisperer like Cassie can coax out She needs to tread lightly and remember she gets one life not nine A delightful debut mystery It's smart well plotted and features a cast of characters both human and feline that I want to see of This book will be catnip for cat lovers Laurien Berenson author of Wagging through the Snow The purr fect mystery to curl up with for a lovely cozy read preferably with a cup of tea cuddly cat optional but recommended Leslie Meier author of Turkey Trot Murder. The Persian Always Meows Twice A Cat Groomer Mystery #1A cozy about a cat groomer who discovers the dead body of a wealthy client There are some good characters including the cat Harpo It was slow paced at the beginning but then "TOOK OFF MID WAYIT S THE "off mid wayIt s the in the series The purr fect read for the cat loving cozy mystery lover Felines abound in this intricately woven mystery where every suspect has an agenda and no one can be trusted Main character Cassie a cat groomer with a psychology degree charmed me with her ingenuity her intelligence and her courage but most of all with her dedication to cats I m anxious to read the second installment in this promising new series Cassie McGlone is a cat groomer and runs her own business Cassie s Comfy Cats She deals with finicky felines all day and loves her job Her job gets a lot serious when she makes a house call to groom a client s pampered persian only to discover the dead body of George DeLeuw Reeling from the shock of finding her best client murdered Cassie receives permission to board his cat Harpo until the will is probated That s where the real trouble begins Suddenly everyone seems to want the cat for reasons that have nothing to do with the fact that Harpo is a gorgeous persian Who illed George DeLeuw And where does his orphaned itty figure into it Cassie persian Who illed George DeLeuw And where does his orphaned Cronache della famiglia Wapshot kitty figure into it Cassie for both George and Harpo s sake she needs to discover theiller s identityThis is a great start to a new cozy series The Cat Groomer Mystery series I enjoyed this book from beginning to end The mystery is very well written with some real surprises Cassie is an intelligent and fun main character The background theme of cats and cat grooming added to the plot and made the book interesting I do not envy people who choose a career that involves bathing cats on a daily basis so Cassie is not only smart but BRAVE There were a couple side plots that helped with character development but not in such a way as to overwhelm the mystery elements of the story I did have to laugh at one point thoughCassie is thoroughly against cats being allowed to sleep in her bedroom at night BUTshe is ok with them being on the table when she eats I think I would much rather have a warm itty cuddled with me at night than have them on the table near my food while I m eating All in all a great cozy mystery that I very much enjoyed The cover is awesome Who can resist a sweet persian punim A second book in the Cat Groomer Mystery series The Bengal Identity will be released in March 2018 I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy from Kensington via NetGalley All opinions expressed are entirely my own Cassie McGlone moved to the picturesue town of Chadwick to give herself a fresh start after leaving a horrible relationship Opening her own shop Cassie s Comfy Cats a cat grooming and boarding specialty boutiue she s starting to make a name for HERSELF AROUND THE TOWN AND GATHER around the town and gather list of clients However when Cassie makes a house call to a rich but reclusive client she finds herself walking into a murder scene and added to the suspect list after having discovered the body To help the lo. Cat lovers are thrilled to welcome an expert groomer to the picturesue town of Chadwick But scratch below the surface and unmasking a iller becomes a game of cat and mouse Professional cat grooming isn't all fluff when the fur starts flying Cassie McGlone owner of Cassie's Comfy Cats handles her feistiest four legged clients with a caring touch and nerves of steel While these ualities certainly help eep her business purring they also come in handy when she makes a house call to her best clien. .
Cal police and to clear her own name in the crime Cassie begins her own investigation into just what had happened to her client Meanwhile Cassie can t help but worry about Harpo the newly orphaned Persian that Cassie had been grooming for her now deceased client so she pushes to take care of him until the estate is settled While in Cassie s care Harpo becomes a hot ticket as some of those involved believe he may come with an inheritance but before long Cassie finds herself in danger having Harpo in her care The Persian Always Meows Persian Always Meows by Eileen Watkins is the first book in the new cozy mystery series A Cat Groomer Mystery This first installment was a solid read with all the fun cozy elements that readers would expect from this genre We had a strong female lead with a somewhat uirky environment that uestions everything and everyone when she s faced with a murder There s a good selection of potential suspects as the book goes on leaving the reader guessing as to who the murderer may be With this one being centered around a cat groomer I d definitely say the book is for cat lovers as the author does get very detailed and specific to that profession to the point that I almost wondered if it was a bit too much itty info in the beginning But once that I almost wondered if it was a bit too much The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering kitty info in the beginning But once story start going it was easy to like the characters and get into the flow of the mystery I d also note that while most books of this nature have the police constantly saying stay out of the investigation it wasind of nice to have a detective admit that someone like Cassie may get people to open up and talk than the police would Overall a nice start to this series and I d certainly continue on to see just what happens next I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit Fast enjoyable read I ll definitely be picking up the second in the series Cassie left an abusive relationship and headed to where her best friend Dawn has a health good store Cassie then opens a cat boarding and grooming parlour she is starting to build up her client list one special client though she travels to his rather palatial mansion as he has a fully euiped grooming room set up On this day she has interviewed and taken on an assistant Sarah and she leaves her in charge whilst she heads off to groom Harpo the Persian cat when she arrives at DeLeuw s house she is startled to find Harpo outside she is even startled to find George DeLeuw deadNow she needs to look after Harpo tell her mother what happened oh and come clean about why she left and tr Dollycas s ThoughtsI have been excited about this book since I saw the cover on months ago and it was well worth the waitOur protagonist is Cassie McGlone owner of Cassie s Comfy Cats in Chadwick New Jersey She makes house calls for her top client millionaire George DeLeuw to groom his beautiful Persian Harpo When she arrives for her scheduled appointment she finds Harpo next to George s dead body The police are asking a lot of uestions even casting Cassie as a suspect They are really getting nowhere until Cassie board. T millionaire George DeLeuw and discovers his murdered body next to his newly orphaned Persian HarpoTo help the local police find the actual iller Cassie begins her own investigation But no one from George's housekeeper to his vindictive ex wife is giving up clues Not until Cassie is given permission to temporarily board Harpo does anyone show interest in the Persian's wellbeing Someone is desperate to get their paws on Harpo before the feline helps untangle a felony Are there deadly truths th. .

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