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Ook however that sells this book It s Alderman s searing understanding of power dynamics in relationships from big to small With both empathy and remove she writes about oppression and gender in a clever disturbing heartbreaking way It s not a comfort read It s not a rich exploration of character It s not even a rich exploration of everything there is to say about oppression or prejudice It s a single minded novel in the grand tradition of 1984 or THE HANDMAID S TALE or BRAVE NEW WORLD The simple title is brilliant in its accuracy I saw a few reviews complain that the book offers no answers but to me that represents one of its greatest strengths It s illuminating but not didactic Probing but not prescriptive An exposure not a screed There s no easy answer to the uestion of how power is transferred and how power corrupts I would ve distrusted any book that tried to tell me otherwise This is all THE POWER tried to tell me The problem is not men The problem is not women The problem is humans This is whyI ve still failed at this recommendation all of these words really just still mean WOW So I guess I ll leave it there Wow Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel From Beginning to Bookend Roxy is a tenacious girl with an influential family Tunde enjoys lounging poolside after his photo journalism class Margot is a politician with grand aspirations and a vulnerable teenage daughter Allie is a oung woman whose religious foster parents are not what they seem Roxy Tunde Margot and Allie have relatively normal lives until something extraordinary happens Teenage girls acuire supernatural abilities that give them unparalleled physical power The world is turned on its head as the power takes over Roxy Tunde Margot and Allie are drawn together in unprecedented ways to calamitous effect The Power drops readers right into the action and opens on the threshold of the change an event later referred to as the Day of the Girls She feels the thing like pins and needles along her arms Like needle pricks of light from her spine to her collarbone from her throat to her elbows wrists to the pads of her fingers She s glittering inside Chapters alternate between Roxy Tunde Margot and Allie Though the book is written in third person perspective subtle narrative nuances give each character their own voice Plot twists are placed with adept exactitude giving the book a satisfying pace Social norms throughout the world shift daily as and oung women discover their ability to harness the power Some social adjustments are small and happen slowly others are drastic and arrive suddenly Males must behave in ways that are unorthodox for men but are in the real world common practice for women It often feels unfathomable that male characters in the book should suffer such atrocities but readers are forced to recognize a disturbing fact Women suffer similar acts of barbarism every day in the real world They d separated the boys from the girls on the fifth day Already there are parents telling their boys not to go out alone not to stray too far it was considered normal to cull nine in ten boy babies there are still places today where boy babies are routinely aborted or have their dicks curbed One could argue that the route female characters opt to go with their newfound power seems contrary to biology and the nurturing ualities that are intuitive to many women The book goes so far as to playfully address this incongruity No answer or explanation is given but the mere act of mentioning opposing thoughts plants the seed to incite further conversation on the subject matter view spoilerThere are accounts on Tom Hobson s website of things happening in Bessapara that Jos can t really believe Torture and experiments gangs of women on the loose in the north near the border murdering and raping men at will hide spoiler NOW AVAILABLE Sometimes it s good to go to war just to know ou cani d enjoyed this author s kinda sorta The Secret History book The Lessons some Lords of the Press years ago and when i saw the cover and description for this one i was very WANT for it so first things first millions of thanks to lena for so generously sending me a copy because it isn t out in the us until OCTOBER sheeshthis is nothing at all like The Lessons leaving realism behind for a feminist SF what if scenario in which girls the whole world round begin to manifest shocking heh abilities a long dormant skein a bundle of nerves and muscles stretching across the collarbones is activated giving girls the power to generate electricity within their skeins and transmit it through their fingies in a range of intensities from mild warning to death and the world is changed forever women are now uite literally empowered able to defend themselves against any would be attackers or break free from oppressive regimes and over theears power dynamics shift and patriarchies topple leading to a kinder gentler world run by women and their inherent nurturing ualitiesor the opposite of thatif there s one thing we ve learned from scandal when we re not hypnotized by olivia pope s powerbouncing stride and inhumanly poreless skin it s that power corrupts and what starts out as a handy defense mechanism becomes darker with the dawning realization that The power to hurt is a kind of wealth and once half the world is united in its ability to inflict pain the oung giddiness of freedom calcifies into something much ruthless the book is not as flawless as olivia pope skin but i think when it comes to social science fiction we can president grant it some leeway to me social science fiction is a fascinating speculative exercise an imaginative anthropological experiment in setting up a thought provoking situation turning it loose and seeing what shakes out this isn t meant to belittle the form at all i m or less a genre tourist so i don t have a ton to all i m or less a genre tourist so i don t have a ton to this to but i think that any flaws in the book are outweighed by its strengths es it s a bit facile or reductive at times particularly in the macro view of the world but it excels in the smaller details most amusingly in its depiction of the evolving gender dynamic between news anchors it s a fine exploration of a conceit and it definitely gave me something to think aboutit s told from the perspectives of four characters allie an abuse victim turned messiah figure establishing a female friendly religion margot a rising star politician tunde a sympathetic nigerian photojournalist and the only male POV and roxy a formidable english smart ass from a powerful crime family whose skein is the most powerful of all and who was far and away my favorite character each of them experience the phenomenon in different ways exposed to a different cross section of the global repercussions of the event all the hopeful brutal opportunistic ways in which humanity

uses and abuses 
and abuses power for personal professional cultural or sexual advantagethe book is structured as humanity uses and abuses this power for personal professional cultural or sexual advantagethe book is structured as decade long countdown to an impending event all tucked into a cheeky framing device which sets the events of the book into a larger historical context complete with images of excavated artifacts and also provides the opportunity for fun with anagrams this would be a good book club selection which is what lena is reading it for so she will be able to weigh in and let us all know for sure if this is a true statement because i m never one to drop a running gagcome to my blog DNF 50%I actually think this book is FANTASTIC It s extremely sophisticated well written and though provoking The issue is I m just really not engaged with it at the moment and feel there s no point in me continuing right now when I can barely retain the story I 100% intend on finishing the story at a later time and may pick up the physical version instead of continuing with the audiobook I also really did not like the narrator. Astating effect Teenage girls now have immense physical power they can cause agonizing pain and even death And with this small twist of nature the world drastically reset.
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Be Writing like this catches my attention There is a feeling in his hand as if some insect has stung him He looks down to swat it away and the only thing on his hand is her warm palm The sensation grows steadily and swiftly At first it is pinprick s in his hand and forearm then the swarm buzzing prickles then it is pain He is breathing too uickly to be able to make a sound He cannot move his left arm His heart is loud in his ears His chest is tight She is still giggling soft and low She leans forward and pulls him closer to her She looks into his eyes her irises are lined with lights of brown and gold and her lower lip is moist He is afraid He is excited He realizes he could not stop her whatever she wanted to do now The thought is terrifying The thought is electrifyingHe is achingly hard now and doesn t know when that happen He cannot feel anything at all in his left arm She leans in bubblegum breath and kisses him softly on the lips Then she peels away runs to the pool and dives in one smooth practiced movement He waits for the feeling to come back to his arm She does her laps in silence not calling to him for splashing water at him He feels excited He feels ashamed He wants to talk to her but he is afraid Maybe he imagined it all Maybe she will call hima bad name if he asks her what happened Did the above excerpt catch our attention too Oh I thought this book was creativeI really knew next to nothing when I purchased the hardcopy about a month ago It was simply time for me to make my monthly contribution purchase at Hicklbeess my favorite local indi bookstore It was a gut looked good flap sounded good purchase The Power is powerfulwith a terrific beginning and ending I loved how this novel was sealed like perfect bookends from start to finish I hope nobody has spoiled the framing of this novel I found it to be a cool discovery This is a very timely novelas the wake of the Weinstein allegations claims of sexual abuse and harassment have spread like wildfires Oh and I kept thinking This would make one hell of a great TV seriesA new force of power is showing up around the world Teenage girls and women have developed an immense physical power with the flick of their fingers They can cause agonizing pain and even death Allie mixed race had been sexually abused by her foster dadso she kills him before escaping to a convent Her healing powers started to show up when a sick girl by the name Luanne arrived at the convent Allie s powers are strong not all girls have the same levels of powers Allie had private wishes that the nuns would adopt her forever love her like the family she never hadbut she knew that would never happen A strong survival force takes over even changing her name to Mother Eve She becomes a roll model leader for other girls creating a feminist group Instead of Male leaders in the Bible there are now only Female leaders Tunde is a wealthy Nigerian guy he lounges around the family pool He s a foster kid who is religious parents hide their true nature He starts on online business called Days of The Girls tracking the different stories of the moment rising around the world with females taking over all positions of power Margot is and American politician a girl from London Her daughter Jocelyn began developing the fierce powers at only 6 ears of age Roxy comes from a London crime family she came into her power witnessing her mother being attacked They have nasty names for girls Who can t or won t defend themselves Blanket and flat battery are the least offensive ones Gimp Flick Nesh and Pzit are nastier There are strange movements rising now not only cross the world but right here in the USA You can see it on the Internet Boys dressing as the girls to see powerful Girls dressing as boys to shake off the meaning of power or to Leap on the unsuspecting wolf in sheep s clothing The Westbrook Baptist Church has seen influx of crazy new members who think the day of judgement is coming Powerful disturbing corruption exhilarating funny at times thought provoking storytellingThe uestion lives in our minds If women WERE THE RULERS STRENGTH POWER FORCE SEXdominant sex in all roles of leadership power would women subject men to the same type of oppression and degradation that we have witnessed in history done to women WINNER of the Bailey s women s prize for fiction I think I m going to give up on literary awards Naomi Alderman s The Power found its way into my hands by winning 2017 s Bailey Power found its way into my hands by winning 2017 s Bailey Prize The plot sounded so intriguing Young girls around the world began developing the power or essentially being able to shoot lightning from their palms This discovery leads to a great event known as The Cataclysm after which women become the dominant sex in society It s fairly classic speculative fiction territory However what may have done uite well as a classic half hour Twilight Zone episode is here stretched out into a 339 page novelAlderman employs many different POVs to form her narrative which caused the Minnie Effect My personal favourite character was Margot a woman running for election before the Cataclysm As great as Margot was that did not make up for the fact that she was possibly the only character who I actually warmed to in this novel Many of the other characters particularly Allie and Roxy just seemed to meld together in my mind and I had trouble trying to separate all of the threads However all of these reservations seem moot when one asks the uestion what genre is this novel The book seems to switch between Young Adult to international thriller to literary fiction in as little time as the turn of a page It reads like several very different books stitched together I will admit that since this won the Bailey s Prize I was expecting something along the lines of Atwood s literary dystopias but instead I was given a Twister board of genres being spun by Suzanne Collins Much like Withnail s famed exclamation that he and Marwood had gone on holidays by accident I seemed to be reading The Hunger Games by accident However what do I know My edition came With A Whole Second Cover a whole second cover the first cover just absolutely plastered in praise In fact every blank space on this book is populated by a glowing review or a showy tagline I applaud the publicity team behind it they really went above and beyond However I was left feeling bored by this novel The plot isn t very compelling which was demonstrated by my unwillingness to pick up this novel again whenever I put it down However I did power through an effort which I now view as somewhat pointless This isn t a one star review because I didn t hate this book it was merely just overwhelmingly second ra It doesn t matter that she shouldn t that she never would What matters is that she could if she wanted TW rapeOoh this is a toughie I have a lot of mixed feelings about Alderman s The Power It s an intriguing and clever concept but this never really translates into an engaging storyImagine if one day suddenly girls developed a strange physical power they can produce electricity inside them They can use this p WowI finished this novel at midnight last night and after I went to bed I blinked into my pillow and tried to think of what words I would type into this box on Goodreads apart from that first one wow After a few minutes thought I figured I could add intelligent and uncomfortable and thought provokingThe problem with all of those is that they get used so often that we see only hyperbole This book like many others bears a jacket printed darkly with other authors saying great things about it New classic Great Important Sure sure manBelieve them The hook is simple the novel begins when girls and women suddenly gain the power to shock and kill others with only a touch it takes only a second s thought to imagine how this would turn the world on its head It s not the ; an ambitious American politician; a tough London girl from a tricky family But then a vital new force takes root and flourishes causing their lives to converge with dev. .
When a male friend found out I was reading a book in which all women simultaneously develop the power to electrocute people and subseuently seize control of society he responded Tch if that were the other way around Mixed Tape Series Volume you d go mad NO SHIT SHERLOCK Damn right the idea of a society in which one sex is systematically oppressed through the threat or use of physical and sexual violence infuriates me The concept of one sex being disproportionately raped killed and restricted sickens me But I don t need to go and buy a book about the situation being the other way around because THAT S THE WORLD THAT WE LIVE IN Andes I am mad Just as a stopped clock is correct twice a day he d managed to hit the nail on the head while also completely missing the pointThis is one of the best Seriously Christ this is a mess I m obviously wrong considering all the glowing praise and award winning going on here but can t for the life of me understand what the fuss is about I mean great concept but poor execution Way too many of the chapters felt off or forced I didn t invest in any of the characters and the ending didn t redeem it in fact probably made it worseVery disappointed For a moment he thought of banging on the door of saying Please Help But the thought of the darkness that might be behind those lit windows kept him from asking The night was filled with monsters now Oh boy this is such a tough one to review I finished The Power about a week ago and I still feel so conflicted about it all A world in which women suddenly get the ability to create electricity and can use it however they please It sounds so intriguing right It was so promising but the way it was executed I really don t knowDon t get me wrong this book was very enthralling and I always wanted to know what would happen next but I just didn t like how it all played out in the end I m sure by now The Magdalen you re askingourself Why not Ginny What happened And I ll try to give All the Devils are Here you a proper answer Here s the short one The women in this book happened Not good enough Okay let me elaborate XD There are men trying to drag their women from the glass And there are women shrugging off their hands Not bothering to say a word Watching and watching Palms pressed against the glass He knows then that this thing is going to take the world and everything will be different and he is so glad he shouts for joy whooping with the others among the flames This was from Tunde s POV and truth be told he was the only character I liked in this book and could relate to Yesou read right he Tunde is a boy and at the beginning he s happy that women got this kind of power In fact he s one of their biggest supporters He s taking interviews he s trying to understand them and he s helping them as best as he can by keeping the world informed Tunde is a reporter and a damn good one at that He stayed neutral in a time everyone else took sides and even though his goodwill was tested uite often he never gave into the temptation of siding with one of the bigger parties Not even with UrbanDox who is a man and has rather extreme opinions about how women should be treated in future We need laws to protect men We need curfews on women We need the government to release all the funding they need to research that cure We need men to stand up and be counted We are being ruled by fags who worship women We need to cut them down It sounds violent doesn t it But looking at it in retrospective I almost find myself agreeing with UrbanDox though AND THAT is exactly the reason why The Power messed so much with my head Aside from Tunde there are four other female POVs and they are all in a position of power and don t even hesitate to take advantage of it They are corrupt they are brutal and they misuse their power in the worst way possible No matter whether it is Senator Margot Cleary Tatiana the president of Bessapara Roxanne Monk or Mother Eve Each and every one of them is on a reckless mission and there is no room for compassion Much injustice has been done and it is the will of the Almighty that we gather together to put it right The things that happen in this book shakes head I like to believe that we women are better than that That we wouldn t do the things those four women are doing That we would never do all those horrible things all the other women are doing in The Power I AM SHOOK And coming from me that actually means something I mean I can understand why the author chose to go down that road and it certainly is something new and uite different It is indeed thought provoking but it definitely reflects badly on women all over the world There s rape there s torture men are kept as slaves there s every kind of atrocity ou can imagine and it s horrifying to read At first we did not speak our hurt because it was not manly Now we do not speak it because we are afraid and ashamed and alone without hope each of us alone It is hard to know when the first became the second I just don t want to believe that women would misuse their power so much Especially because and it pains me to say this the women in this book are so much worse than the men ever were It s one thing to give women power and to let them use it it s an entirely different thing to let them lose their humanity though
and this is 
this is what happens in this book Take the worst of the worst take the most horrible things men ever did and then lift it to another level There are still countries in which women are oppressed and raped there are illegal slave trades and prostitution in our own country there are most certainly enough men that beat or hurt their women This happens everywhere around the world no matter whether it are third world countries or industrial nations It s horrible and wrong and we have to continue to do our best in order to fight this injustice and inhumanity BUT what happens in this book This senseless violence it s cruel Cruel and brutal and Out Of Proportion Out of proportion out control When did he get so jumpy And he knows when It wasn t this last thing that made it happen This fear has been building up in him The terror put its roots down into his chest The Wake years ago and every month and every hour has driven the tendrils a little deeper into the flesh No man is safe any longer They are oppressed everywhere even in America even in Europe If they voice their opinion they are fired if they try to say something they are shut up In the best case scenario they play the part of a nice pleasant face next to a woman in the worst case they are enslaved tortured and raped and have no rights any They are treated as things before they lose their value and end up dead IT IS HORRIBLE I REFUSE TO THINK THAT ALL WOMEN WOULD ACT LIKE THAT The sky which had seemed blue and bright clouds over grey to black There will be a rainstorm It has been coming the dust is parched the soil longs for soaking teeming dark water For the earth is filled with violence and every living thing has lost its wayAnd that is exactly the thing that bugged me reading this book The only women who show compassion for men are the ones that have no power to call their own and this distressed me immensely Because basically this book is saying Give women power and they ll abuse it in the worst possible way Which left a than just bad taste in my mouth And the ending Centuries and millennia of men in places of poweret it never ended that way shakes headI liked the idea I appreciate Naomi Alderman s approach and her book is indeed thought provoking I refuse to accept that every woman would act like that though I believe in democracy in justice freedom of speech euality and compassion and every single fibre of my being is struggling against the kind of world Alderman created We could do so much better than that We CAN do so much better than that I guess in the end Naomi Alderman got us exactly where she wants us to. In THE POWER the world is a recognizable place there's a rich Nigerian boy who lounges around the family pool; a foster kid whose religious parents hide their true nature.

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