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The Sheik s Secret Twins is the story of Siri and MalikNoA spineless heroine who ets seduced by a rando hottie He then disappears from her life leaving two buns in the oven She tries to contact him but it is in vain Ends up being a single mother to two cutiesFast forward four years Arrogant hottie is suddenly divorced and on a lookout for easy prey cough doormat cough heroine He re enters her life and after two seconds of resistance her panties disappear and boom she s impaled again He then proceeds to charm her remaining clothes off ives flimsy excuses which our desperate heroine soaks up soon reveals the truth about his marriage and the book ends in an apparent HEAStupid heroine Asshat hero Terrible bookOnly thing likable was the twinsSWE155 3 Low Suds StarsVery HP Ish Soapy Second Chance It HP ish soapy second chance It ok enjoyable enough but nothing special we ve seen this story many times and there wasn t anything uniue or extra to make it stand out In a nutshell Siri and Malik share a few lustlove filled months when he leaves for a business trip and never returns Two weeks later her GF brings home a tabloid declaring that Malik is actually a Sheik and has recently wed to his secret fianc Soon after Siri realizes she s preggers but her letter comes back return to sender Four years later Malik returns recently divorced and wants Siri back view spoiler He hadn t been engaged but returned to his country on the verge of a civil war because of dad s bad decisions so H was forced to assume throne and marry daughter of the opposing leader to maintain peace There was no love she was a lesbian the two worked hard to stabilize the country so they could separate Malik tried to explain but she returned all his letters wout reading he never received hers hide spoiler A sweet readSiri and Malik fell in love 5 years ago but one time when Malik oes back home he does not come back Finding a picture of him with his new bride in the paper shatters Siri s heart and she never opens his let If you enjoy books about mischievous kids and a couple that is crazy for one another then I think you will enjoy this book as much as I did Sam and Jacob pulled me right into this story Sam and Jacob are 3 year old twin boys. From the first moment he’d arrived Sheik Malik bin Saaf had thrown her life into chaos And the longer he stayed the she fell in love with him But could she trust him He’d betrayed her once should she risk it again They’d been lovers four years ago a relationship that had resulted in her wonderful twin boys Now he was

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The Sheiks Secret Twins

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Ad to forgiveness Plus he doesn t know about the twins and not for lack of trying on her part It s not one of those stories where she hides it on purposeIt s a lot to forgive But surprisingly he does manage to redeem himself Circumstances out of his control and all that view spoiler I think I would have liked it better if she had at least been dating other people in the time apart You know even the playing field But it helps that his ex wife was a lesbian hide spoiler
Fours Years Ago Siri 
years ago Siri Malik were in love or so Siri thought Then Malik had to return to his homeland following an urgent message But a few days later Siri discovered that he had married another woman Present day and Malik has returned to Siri with the intention of rekindling their relationship as he s divorced his wife but Siri has a surprise for him after he abandoned her she discovered she was pregnant the result is twin boys who are now three years oldThis story was too short to do this justice everything was rushed Within seconds of Malik s return she s back in his arms oh she thinks that it won t happen again but within hours she s having sex with him Not once does she challenge him about the past In fact that s not addressed until alm The book was ood and fast Siri and Malik met on an horrible date not theirs she was with another They started seeing each other but she really knew nothing about him He left to see his father and a few days later she reads her was married and that he was a sheik Almost four years later he is divorced and is looking her up but find her to be a mother of twin boys that are his He realizes he has heirs and is determined to win her over Love blooms again for this couple but is it enough when he is needed back in his country to marry again went back and forth on this one then decided to purchase big mistake the reviews i read didn t mention the thing that made this intolerable to me an h that loses her mind with lust when the H is within reach seriously he takes with lust when the H is within reach seriously he takes for a weekend and marries someone else leaving her preggers with twins then he shows up 4 years later and with one kiss she flops into bed with him ARGHafter that i skimmed a bit then ave up and returned the boo. N he’d ever loved He had to win her back The awkward introduction to his sons took him completely by surprise Knowing that he had two sons princes who would follow in his footsteps only sealed the deal He wanted both Siri and his sons now He just had to figure out how to Dolphin Confidential get her to trust him again He had to win back her lo. With boundless energy and uestions Siri is a veryood mother which works hard to keep up with her boys and her own business Malik is the only man that Sari has ever loved He walked away from her 4 years not knowing that Sari was pregnant at the time Sari was shocked to find out he is a prince Malik is shocked to find out he is a father 4 years later to twin boys When they see each other again the passion still burns as hot as it once did I loved this story It made me laugh so hard at timesSample from chapter 5 So She said just to break the silence Are you Mairis Mermaid guys okay with us sharing our lives with your dad He s come an awfully long ways just to meet you Sam was the first to speak Momma says we can to around nakes He turned to Malik as if seeking his confirmation But you were naked last night Dows that mean you ll let me o naked too Of all the things she d thought they might say when they first met their father siri could honestly say that uestion was the absolute last thing She Would Have Guessed would have uessed he would ask Her mouth fell open and she stared and she started wondering what the best way to answer her son was under this situation Malik bless his heart Spoke up and The Shadow of Your Smile gave the answer that made her heart melt just a little bit towards him If your moma says that we can to around naked then we can t do it love stories where theres kids involved the hero and heroine i loved because they were can t do it love stories where theres kids involved the hero and heroine i loved because they were and heroine i loved because they were be true loves the kids however were a bit unreal they were very mature what child can The Three Worlds get ready on there own at tht age without supervision when sam told Siri that the man was bringing breakfast and she was firstly stunned they could read and taught themself at 3 it was hilarious as well as the frogs jumping out of the fridge scene Secret baby trope and the three year olds were the highlight of the bookso very mischeviousSiri and Malik were areat couple Malik and Siri They had an affair when she was uite young He would visit her in London and then disappear and come back again Til one day he didn t come back and there he was in the paper standing next to his new wife Years pass Malik is divorced and searches her out with an explanationexcuses What can he say that would le. Ack and he wanted into her life once again She had to tell him about his sons but she didn’t want to take him back into her life Malik had other ideas His previous marriage had been his father’s idea a political union that had been a disaster from the beginning Now he was divorced and all he wanted was Siri the only woma.

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