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Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows eEffectively candidly and withmpathy without patronising those it is happening to now in the here and now Having read only one Joanna Trollope novel many moons ago I was thrilled to read this book as it Trollope novel many moons ago I was thrilled to read this book as it all the composite parts of being an The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) excellent book in typical Trollope style It would also make a good adaptation for television provided its handled with as much care as Trollope has done with the plot and the charactersAn interesting and thought provoking read one which I will remember for a long time I love Joanna Trollope s novels for their insightfulxamination of human relationships "AND HUMAN FRAILTIES THE SOLDIER S WIFE IS SET "human frailties The Soldier s Wife is set on a military base in the UK and focuses on the challenges facing personnel in the modern Army What sacrifices must a woman make when she commits to the life of an army wife What compromises are necessary How does

"A Long Deployment Impact On "
long deployment impact on motional health of both partners Through central couple Dan Riley a major in the British Army who is just home from a six month tour of duty in Afghanistan and his wife Alexa a ualified teacher Tr I will start this review by saying I am a Navy wife so I understand the issues faced by Military familiesI found this book to be very true from my own xperiencesThe homecoming after a deployment is always difficult the A Fairly Honourable Defeat excitement at seeing your loved one again is often plagued with doubts about what will they be like have I changed have they changedThe kids adjust uickly to having their parent back but the adults often find it harder to adjust The serving parent doesn t know how uickly to step back into the parent roletcI felt that the author brought all these issues up in the book the way the communication between spouses is affected how uickly to step back into parenting as well as the comradeship between the serving mates which can also cause problems in the relationship You as the wifehusband want to spend time with your loved one but they are still adjusting to being back in the real world so they stick with their mates that are also adjusting tcI felt the book taught me a lot about the British Army way of life how the norm is to send the children to boarding school to gain some stability in their lives how the family lives on the patch and they don t have much to do with the civilian communityHere is Australia we have much support to stay put for stability for the children on many of the bases here we live in the civilian community and are ncouraged to live in the communityThis book was a wonderful learning tool for me on how it is done in other countries When Joanna Trollope is good she can actually be great But when she s not it s a bit of a slog And unfortunately that was the case with this one I m sympathetic to the themes here how do modern military families cope with the fact that soldiers wives have ambitions and careers of their own in the face of an overly traditional military that assumes they will drop Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue everything for their husbands careers but it all felt a bit didactic and heavy handed I also did not uite understand the obsessive interest that all the peripheral characters parents grandparents friends seemed to have in the marriage of Alexa and Dan Howxactly did they magically KNOW that the marriage was perhaps in trouble And how and why did they actually think they could do anything about itI have really The Man Without a Face enjoyed some of Trollope s novels but this was not among them A writer such as Trollope can take a reader and place her likelyhim considerably less likely into a groove from page one and transport seamlessly through a three hundred or so pages to invariably a neat satisfying resolution When on song A reasonably uick read for an afternoon A uick read I felt thending was rushed Not one of her best ones Felt dreadfully sorry for Isabel. The base unable to break the strong bonds forged with his friends in battle Soon veryone who knows the Rileys is trying to help them save their marriage but it’s up to Alexa to decide if she can sacrifice her needs and those of her family to support Dan’s commitment to his work With her trademark intelligence and grace Joanna Trollope illuminates the complexities of modern life in this story of a family striving to balance duty and ambitio. ,

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I have a thing about finishing very book I start otherwise I would have closed this and sent it to the charity shop I have read a couple of her books and uite Gone (Gone, enjoyed them but I was totally BORED by the storyline which I foundxtremely laboured and I did not warm to one single character Not one I get the message my bother in law was an officer in the Royal Navy for over twenty five years served in Korea and the Falklands and the family moved around 16 times My niece ventually boarded I recognised the various types I hated reading "this book and was so relieved when it was over Horrible characters Ah "book and was so relieved when it was over Horrible characters Ah I think 3 stars are fairly nough I like The Soldier s Wife for many reasons It All Seated on the Ground employs creativity It sends you into the world of soldiers and the army You get to know many stuff you thought were totally the opposite The main theme is captivating Couples have got to TALK Taciturn long life between couples is rather dangerous It uses marriage as the relationship between all characters not the date then marry oneHowever this book has given me a hard time while I was reading it Over 400 pages are too much for thevents It was boring but I liked it but still it was boring Er I feel like all characters are Untitled. exaggerating in their reactions to the almost invisible problem All characters relatives friends comrades somehow sense that the mood is awkward between Alexa and Dan and all of them die to make it up between them For God s sake Alexa wants to talk to him since page 1 Finally Dan says he ll listen in page 400 You must have a lot of patience womanIn summation The Soldier s Wife is nice but I won t advise anyone to read it I hope someonelse will write about the same topic but make it interesting Only then I ll be willing to read it I could personally only relate to some of the struggles Alexa goes through as the wife of a British Army officer but I think Joanna Trollope did an Wiring excellent job describing the conflictingmotions military wives go through continuously and the different ways they cope with those motional challenges Although I often wanted to throttle Alexa for her indecisiveness I like how Trollope ventually makes her characters and her readers remember what we all know to be the main factor in any working relationship military or civilian compromiseNevertheless I was cheering for Great Granddad Eric when he yelled at his grandson that that girl Daniel will be here when the Army s OVER for you Or she will if you treat her right And in the Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage end where would you bloody be soldiering or not without her HOOAH grandpa It is difficult to be the family member of someone in the military whether they are deployed or not The military always seems to come first and non military family doesn t understand what their loved one is going through My brother was in the Army and was deployed overseas two or three times I know it was difficult for our parents andven so for his wife It was hard for him adjusting when he returned to the States and at times I did not recognize the man my brother had become Many relationships of military members deteriorate over time because the spouses feel stuck and are afraid to start new jobs or friendships because they don t know when they ll be forced to be uprooted next In The Soldier s Wife Alexa Riley is trying to hold her family together She has a daughter Isabel from a previous marriage who she thinks isn t as important to her husband Dan as the twin daughters they have together Alexa is trying to balance the needs of Dan Isabel the twins and of course her own needs Now Dan s home from Afghanistan but he d rather spend time with Gus his army buddy than his own family Alexa tries to understand but she doesn t have the knowledge base to feel useful to her husband Alexa feels as if her life is spiraling. The “brilliant mesmerizing storyteller” The Washington Post Joanna Trollope illuminates an xperience shared by millions of people  a soldier’s return to family life causes three generations of a family to struggle with the impact of war on their relationshipsWHAT HAPPENS WHEN LOVE AND DUTY COLLIDE DAN RILEY IS A MAJOR IN THE BRITISH ARMY After a six month tour of duty in Afghanistan he is coming home to the wife and young daughters he Out of control and has nowhere to turn The Army has a lot of programs to support the soldiers but is sorely lacking a support structure for the rest of the family Touching poignant and timely as many of our soldiers come home The Soldier s Wife will give readers
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inside look at the of military families Dan is husband to Alexa father to twin girls Flora and Tassy stepfather to Isabel son grandson son in law friend and soldier On return from a six month deployment in Afghanistan Dan cannot seem to find what he is any Being a soldier is the asiest for him than returning to family life the army life gives him structure purpose and plenty of knowns Families bring plenty of unknowns and no orders on how to deal with them Alexa adores her husband and knew Against All Odds exactly what she was getting into upon marriage to Dan and marriage inffect to the army Constant moving no property that actually you can call your own making new friends Leaving old ones behind as you go to the next posting Changing schools for the children in fact it is an upheaval but with Dan away she is the one to make it work to fix Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism everything when he is back she wants to share that responsibility and become Alexa Riley and not Mrs Major Riley Dan does not understand nobody is talking whilst all around them lives are fracturing in their own way Isabel is determined to make her point about boarding school she does not want to be there no one asked her and the only reason she is is because of the Army because of Dan Alexa has a chance of a job to become herself for a few hours a day away from the children but she knows she cannot take it because of the Army because of Dan And so Dan is the catalyst of this story which taps into a conscious of many readers who havexperience of not just the Army but the other armed forces as well I am a passive observer of such in my working life and can see the correlations that Joanna Trollope has covered Times are changing and for the better It is a story about finding that happy balance not just for those left at home those coming back as well Trollope taps into something and shows us inside an institution warts and all Criticism is abound because it focuses on the officer class soldiers and not the average suaddie in the story but actually it reflects veryone s part Talking to the Brigadier and his wife you sense that both Dan and Alexa feel inferior The book goes a long way to show the class structure the snobbery the them and us that makes up part of all these institutionsA book which traverses along at a reasonable pace there was a sense of undercurrent all the way through as the readers are watching something disintegrate It would not if there was the right time to tell of what has happened at home as well as on the front line And the right support to deal with wives and girlfriends wanting to not be an xtension of their husbands but actually someone to be recognised in their own right They married the man not the Army "is Trollope s theme throughoutIt is apparent that research and thought has gone into this book why shouldn t it "Trollope s theme throughoutIt is apparent that research and thought has gone into this book why shouldn t it it deals with those who come back from Afghanistan not the people they went with The scenes where they are dealing with drugs within the regiment the hard drinkingmarriages breaking up the rehabilitation of those who have lost limbs and the remembrance of those who did not make it back is handled in my opinion well without being too graphic or rose coloured in view The references to previous conflicts through Dan s father and grandfather both x Army was a good tool for reflecting the change that has happened on how returning to domestic and home life can be dealt with and has been What the outside world sees is very different from the reality of living with that reunion Trollope handles it fficiently and. Dores He’s up for promotion and his Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, ex Army grandfather and father couldn’t be prouder The Rileys are united in support of Dan’s passion for his career But are they really His wife Alexa has been offered a good teaching job she can’t take because the Army may move the family at any time Her daughter Isabel hates her boarding school the only goodducational option for Army families and starts running away And Dan spends all his time on.
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The Soldier's Wife

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