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The Things We Thought We Knew

Mahsuda Snaith à 7 Review

Ll in love with the characters and really become invested in them and their fate I m sure this will be one of my top books read in 2019 45 My first book of 2018 and it s a good one I picked p this book as the book blurb sounded interesting and it had a sense of mystery to itThe story is SIMPLE RAVINE IS BED RIDDEN DUE TO CHRONIC PAIN Ravine is bed ridden due to Chronic pain and the she goes back in time in her memories to her friendship with Marianne and her disappearanceAs the pages turn the story develops and Ravine s pain also decreases till it completely vanishes The story goes very slow and I have to vanishes The story goes very slow and I have to I did skip over some pages to get to the ending I did not like the main character Ravine and found her to be self centered and selfish I just couldn t connect with any of the characters This is not my kind of r This book was amazing Written with a delicate prose that ha. Ies in a bed in her mother's council flat plagued by chronic pain syndrome writing down the things she remembers As her words fill page after page she begins to nderstand that the only way to conuer her pain is. ,
I had the pleasure of knowing this author in the UK when I attended the Leicestershire Writers Club and knew from her readings she could charm readers Delighted with this publicatio I had heard rave reviews about this book and when I picked p and saw that the author Mahsuda Snaith had previously won awards I assumed the book would be good But then I saw that it s her debut novel and I got a bit nervous Let me just say that Mahsuda Snaith is the kind of writer I wish I could be or could have been had I been a writer This is a brilliant coming of age story with a hint of mystery and a hint of a love story Ravine is a young woman forced to remain in her mother s council flat in Leister due to a chronic pain condition that started on the night her best friend started on the night her best friend disappeared a decade earlier Snaith s rich and evocative writing make the reader fa. Ravine and Marianne were best friends They practised handstands together raced slugs and looked p at the stars and imagined their own constellations And then one day Marianne disappearedTen years later Ravine ,

Awakening (The Twins Of Saranthium, Marooned with the Maverick
S feelings and real life in high standard follows the story of Ravine a girl Bedriden Due To Chronic Pain due to chronic pain she gets to grips with a sth that shattered her lifeI loved how the author gave voice to her character so she could tell the story of her friend Marianne and through the story of her friend hers this books reads like some peebles thrown into water and you see how the ripples reach each other and interact in a whole I LOVED this book ReallyThe characters are so compelling so real life like that you can t help falling in love with them wanting to know of their life then and what happened In that the author succeds as she combines narration on the present moment and accounting of the past weaving the full scope of the story right in front of our eyes everything is bealiable everything is real i Everything is bealiable everything is real I this is the first book of the author and I wan. To confront the horrors of her pastHeartbreaking seductive and tterly nforgettable The Things We Thought We Knew is a rich and powerful novel about the things we remember and the things we wish we Could Forge. forge.

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