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Soldier Boy
Rest in Katie but then Turns Around And Starts Seeing around and starts seeing x girlfriend again Jon is trying to write a novel and Sukie is chasing down auditions to become an actress Jon gets an agent and book contract and Sukie gets a very big audition and Katie must finally face up to the fact that she s been living a life with no risks and finds herself finally willing to take a big oneThe Waitress was a fun read specially since Katie and Sukie are known for being rude to customers getting coffee at the caf and that s what the caf is known For The Characters Are Interesting And The Theme Is Finding The characters are interesting and the theme is finding courage to follow your dreams The book is for adults due to language and romance Read here This book is about a 20 something year old who refuses to grow up and wonders aimlessly through life doing a job she doesn t really like And Can T Decide What To Do For Her Rest can t decide what to do for her rest her life Turns out she really did love her shitty waitressing job and it only took a promotion and a hot boss to realise it inspiring. Not settle and has a little trouble making up her mind But it's about to get really complicated for the ueen of ComplicationsThe BillNot only is Dan coming back as her new boss and ngaged to someone lse but persistent Ex Boyfriend #3 Hugh's back too with a vengeance And suddenly there's a lot on her tray than ven the most able food service professional could safely handle. The WaitressOf her dream job The problem was that she couldn t make up her mind and just kept on waitressing Her aunt is going to change her will and leave her money once she finally figures out what to do with her life but and leave her money once she finally figures out what to do with her life but with that she can t seem to make a decision Then the caf she works for is bought out by two men and one of them is Dan whom she had one date with where she had an anxiety attack and left him alone at the restaurant with no xplanation She faces losing her job but instead is made manager and has to work with dan day and has to work with Dan day day It proves to be the catalyst she finally needs to get her life moving somewhereI found The Waitress at our local library book sale and thought it looked interesting I chose it for the December Online Book Club since it seemed like A LIGHT HEARTED FUN BOOK IT TAKES PLACE IN light hearted fun book It takes place in and was similar in style to the Shopaholic series by Sophie KinsellaKatie s flatmate Jon and friend and coworker Sukie help Katie face her triumphs and troubles as Dan shows inte. Hot plate of linguini over to the nasty customer at table six So when gorgeous sensitive perfect Dan Crichton asks her out Katie's over the moon But once again commitment phobia rears its ugly head and dinner turns into the Great First Date Disaster and Katie's ideal romance is over before the goodnight kissThe Just DessertsThings are tough when a woman wants it all and will. ,

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