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The Woman's Hour

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After thinking about this book "Overnight I Ve Changed My "I ve changed my to five stars When an author can take a book where we already know the outcome but can make it not only a book where we already know the outcome but can make it not only but thrilling and heartfelt it can Garner no less Plus I listened to this and the narrator Tania Gilbert was brilliant as wellA book I truly believe every women should ead They will come away with a deep appreciation to the effort and pain that went into our having the ight to vote Yes there are many names within hard to keep track of but you will come to know the key motivators uite well These women were indefatigable in their fight many were jailed force fed and made to endure other indignities Some were I ll with underlying conditions and yet on they fought I was surprised by the amount of women who were anti suffragettes found their easons interesting even somewhat credible looking back on it from today But it is clear the ight to vote is a privilege and one hard earned and should not be neglected with mundane excuses According to the other since the eighties women than men have excercisd this ight and I can only hope that this continues and multipliesI learned so much history from this book and at times such as when Katt goes to the White House to thank President Wilson for his support and finds after his stroke a wreck of a man I actually got teary eyed Despite this being non fiction I found this to be a very emotional book What an admirable struggle the ights for women which still today has a way to go Audiobook ead by Elaine Weiss and Tavia GilbertJoining the spirit of women s history month I chose this book Thank you to my friends who ead it before me Diane s eview saying she believed all women should ead this book inspired me I m sure glad I did I d add all men should ead this too Amen to Women s RightsThis book is educationally fascinatingand energetically thrilling NashvilleTennesseeAugust 1920 the most important vote all came down to Tennessee They were the last state needed to approve the the 19th Federal Amendment Elaine Weiss gives us an in depth history lesson of what exactly happened during an intense six week period focusing on women s activism and advocacy It was iveting to follow the line of thoughts between women who were against women s ight to vote Suffragists and Opponents called Antis both sides an a against women s ight to vote Suffragists and Opponents called Antis both sides an a campaign filled with lies betrayal bigotry and liesusing acism and corporate funds for their fightall trying to sway legislators on their side The key players we follow areCarrie Chapman Cattleader of the suffrage cause was only 30 years oldJosephine Pearsonopposed the suffrage She was doing God s will being a dutiful loyal wife and motherSue White Lady Warrior was well espected for her fairness by both women and men The final push for women s ight to vote atification of the 19th amendment looks back on 71 years examining the unfolding conflic. The nail biting climax of one of the greatest political victories in American history the down and dirty campaign to get the last state to atify the 19th amendment granting women the ight to voteNashville August 1920 Thirty five states have atified the Nineteenth Amendment twelve have ejected or efused to vote and one last state is needed It all comes down to Tennessee the moment of truth for the suffragists after a sev. Tsreads like a political thrillersalutes the female leaders who in the face of political acial and economic opposition fought for and won American women s ight to vote Excellent esearchSkillful entertaining writing made this educational walk back in timefeel as if we were there Highly imagined and terrific as an Audiobook The Woman s Hour caught the excitement from Hilary Clinton and Steve Spielberg Great collaboration team to bring to the small screen Learning the details of this history the years and years of hard work down to those final six weeks experiencing the celebration as if this just happenedwas truly exciting Given our own perilous times The Woman s Hour is an inspiration for everyone men women old and young The crusade for women suffrage stands as one of the defining civil ights movement in the history of our country and its organizing strategies lobbying techniues and nonviolent protest actions became the model for civil ights campaigns to follow in the twentieth and twenty first centuries The Woman s Hour The Great Fight to Win the Vote is a comprehensive and meticulously esearched study of the fight for the women s vote across the nation but focusing on the fight for the atification of the Nineteenth
Amendment In Tennessee The Thirty 
in Tennessee the thirty state that would bring voting ights for women throughout the United States and not the patchwork of ineuities and partial freedoms that presently existed throughout each of the forty eight states in 1919 What was striking was that this was after seven decades of fighting for these ights What I found so interesting was how the struggle for voting ights was such an intricate part of the civil ights I found so interesting was how the struggle for voting ights was such an intricate part of the civil ights Weiss focuses on the last six weeks of the campaign as the suffragists and anti suffragists converged in Nashville in advance of the vote The crusade for woman suffrage stands as one of the defining civil ights movements in the history of our country and its organizing stragegies lobbying techniues and nonviolentt protest actions became the model for the civil ights campaigns to follow in the twentieth and twenty first centuriesThe early advocates of legal ights for American women civil ights campaigns to follow in the twentieth and twenty first centuriesThe early advocates of legal ights for American women began their activist careers as fervent abolitionists They believed slavery was a grievous wrong and they were obliged to confront and stop itWhen I an away from slavery it was for myself when I advocated emancipation it was for my people but when I stood up for the ights of women self was out of the uestion and I found a little nobility in the act Frederick Douglass 1888 The year is 1920 Every state but two has voted on the 19th Amendment The two states emaining are Tennessee and North Carolina There is no uestion that the issue of women voting in NC is dead on arrival so all eyes are on TNThe year is 1920 It is a presidential election year and the issue before the country is will it drastically change the face of. En decade crusade The opposing forces include politicians with careers at stake liuor companies ailroad magnates and a lot of acists who don't want black women voting And then there are the 'Antis' women who oppose their own enfranchisement fearing suffrage will bring about the moral collapse of the nation They all converge in a boiling hot summer for a vicious face off eplete with dirty tricks betrayals and bribes bigotr.
The electorate 10 weeks before a presidential election Imagine debating an amendment that changed the voting age or allowed illegal immigrants to vote weeks before the vote Tennessee s decision literally decides who the next presidentThe issue is not just women s ights it is
State S Rights Ratification Will 
s ights Ratification will states opposed to suffrage almost all of the former Confederate States to allow to let women voteThe timing is crucial The Amendment passed in Congress in 1919 in part because of the ole women played during WW I and the Spanish Flu If it fails then it might be another generation before the Susan B Anthony Amendment has a chance of passingThe issue is bigger than women s ights Women include black women What ole does acism play in the passage or esistance to passage of the Amendment Is the country eady to let black women voteThe 1870 Tennessee Constitution forbade the legislation from considering a federal Amendment until after the November election but the Supreme Court uled the US Constitution overrode this Still the state legislators could approve eject or delay atificationElaine Weiss s book is fascinating the twists and turns in the book She tells the story in such a captivating way One of the most surprising aspects of the book is that prior to the section dealing with the debate on the Tennessee Legislative Floor was that most of the Suffs and Antis were women Let me just highlight one section Weiss presents a story When you finish the story the 19th Amendment looks dead in the water One Tennessee legislature however declares that unless divine intervention occurs the amendment is going to pass What did he know How did he know itAnother story involves a Tennessee state senator Herschel Kandler who makes such a pathetic speech that he antagonized everybody He accuses the legislatures of being in a petticoat government eg beholden to women Virtually everybody blasts this man But one senator points out that Kandler is so out of touch with eality that he doesn t ealize women no longer wear petticoatsThis is one of those are books that I couldn t put down I was up until 330am finishing it This is the first of several books that I m eading in preparation for the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment this sets a very high bar for the subject A very strong 5 star eview This book chronicles the political showdown between pro and anti women s suffrage forces as they descended on 1920s Nashville when Tennessee became the 36th and last state euired for atification of the 19th Amendment This Was A Tightly Fought Political This was a tightly fought political overflowing with libel bribery and whiskey in spite of ProhibitionEven though it s no secret how the story ends most eaders will begin to wonder how in the world will this thing get passed From our perspective one hundred years later it is tempting to consider the move of giving women the franchise to be part of the ine. Y Jack Daniel's and the BibleFollowing a handful of emarkable women who led their espective forces into battle along with appearances by Woodrow Wilson Warren Harding Frederick Douglass and Eleanor Roosevelt The Woman's Hour is an inspiring story of activists winning their own freedom in one of the last campaigns forged in the shadow of the Civil War and the beginning of the great twentieth century battles for civil ights.

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