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The Wolfs Healing Touch (Wolves of Stone Ridge gSevy is a youngirl and thief living in a city abandoned by most of the high class and nobility with nothing much left as the factories have stopped too Sevy tries to take care of her one friend Trena just to find she has turned to prostitution as her handler promises her all the things she wants But Sevy has her limits and wont join not with this disgusting man Sevy has crossed paths a few times with the The Draft gorgeous oceanic blue eyed man Jarro and Jarro ends up helping Sevy in a most dire way Sevy is looking for a friend and attaches herself with Jarro s uniueroup Yet there is one here who doesn t like having Sevy around out of jealousy maybe who is Irea She attempts to Bible Prophecy get to Sevyone way or another And what happens when theroup dissolves for matters Yaratma Cesareti greater than justoing separate waysThis is a fantasy read with thieves close and front With that comes the battles they fight with others in a desolate city to survive so there are fighting scenes and action We also have different creatures present too dwarfs elves mysterious dark elves pixies and The book doesn t waste time with unnecessary complete depictions of all the different creatures but the creatures are present and you know of them We do learn of the stories of the Dark Elves through the book as Sevy s one closest friend is one But are the stories really true I thought this book was set up in an interesting way to The Astral Codex get story and view of time We have three sections which are different times of Sevy s life First how Sevy meets Jarro and becomes part of theroup Second eight years later starting with Jarro s view and leads into learning about Sevy s talents as a thief and the job they do together In which you learn of the love here as well Then the third section starting from a best friends view Revik and Here There Be Witches gets to the dangerous magic at hand I really liked this aspect as Iot to see and feel the characters Story of the Liberty Bell grow through out the book with out any loss in the connections with themI didn t realize I was so attached with Sevy and her love until the end I have to say I shed a few tears for them and I don t do that I m not one to cry when reading a book But this author did what I wanted her to do yet desperately didn t want to see at the same time I loved it This is a way to take the chance with your characters and pushing them to be better along with making the readers love and feel for themOh I soooo enjoyed this read I even already ordered up the second book for me Shades of War I m really looking forward toetting of this broken Fake Mustache girl Sevy Sevy is a youngirl who lives on the streets of Eloria eking out a living by stealing doing whatever she can to stay alive Street wise and cunning Sevy knows a mark when she sees one but she also knows a pimp Her best and only friend Trena has taken up with a Desert Rose and Her Highfalutin Hog gorilla whom Sevy knows isoing to exploit her but all Trena can see are the benefits Sevy is determined to steal enough so she can rescue Trena from the ape s clutches but her life takes an unexpected twist when the mark she targets turns out to be even savvier than herself Her rowing infatuation with this man and his apparent attraction to her throw Sevy into the deepest love and also the deepest fury she has ever known Demons and black elvish magic combine in one of the most treacherous and evil bitch antagonists I have ever encountered in a fantasy novel It s doubtful that even Sevy s "smarts and hard won skills can save the "and hard won skills can save the of lover and friendThere is plenty of action tension and emotion in this fast moving fantasy novel You won t able to draw your breath This You won t be able to draw your breath This the 1st book I ve read written by Sarah Jane Lehoux she has done a reat job at writing a Hey Wait a Minute! Five Rough and Reluctant Sex Erotica Stories good book I can t wait to read of her booksThe story line caught my attention at the very begi YOU CAN READ THIS REVIEW AND MORE AT Corralling BooksReviewer s Note Welluys this is the first book in Sarah Jane Lehoux s Sevy series I will be reviewing the third book Masuerade on March 6th so I think it s best if yall o read this book first Then you ll be fangirling when you read my review in March This book is one of the few books that captured my attention from the very start Even rarer it s one of the few books that captured my attention while being set in an alternate worlddimensioncountry I usually hate starting to read those books because of all the new terminology I have to learn etc This book was differentWell let s start with the terminology and culture This book is set in Eloria with fantasy species such as dark elves and dwarves etc When I first came across the term dark eleves in this book I had no idea what it was and ot so curious it was uite irritating I loved how Lehoux twisted our conceptions of elves around and made them different Elves were not one race rather there were different races of elves It s different but familiar at the same time and so I didn t feel so out of place and confusedI really can t fault this book at all I love Sevy s character I really do She keeps strong although she has lost so much She is the epitome of what protagonists in books should be If only there were books out there with such a strong courageous and fearless protagonists I loved the plot of the book I loved how it was set out in three parts the first part really setting out the basis of the story the second part intensifying everything up being all dramatic and making me feel all jumbled up and the last part was just so action packed When people say that books are like a rollercoaster well they are talking about books like theseThis book has arnered a 5 out of 5 star rating from me Any book that keeps me hooked throughout will et such a high rating from me I m not a person who procrastinates usually but this book kept drawing me back in and I kept thinking about it even when I was supposed to work I can t wait to be able to read the next book Shades of War soon Just as soon as I et books on my pi. Happily Ever After Doesn't Come Without a PriceIn the crumbling city of Eloria there are two indisputable facts First everyone has a dream Secret seemingly unattainable altogether irresistible it is the kind of dream that aches and at times burns For most it will forever remain a teasing enigma but there are those for whom dreams row into obsession Which brings us to the second indisputable fact everyone has a price Protestations of mor. Thief Sevy #1Een able to breeze through a book so uickly while simultaneously wanting to linger on the best parts as the story The scarecrow grips me and forces me into Sevy s world I was easily able to identify with the characters especially that of Sevy and I could feel her pain and her loss when Jarro was murdered so much so that I was actually angry at the author for doing that to her You know that you ve really melded with the story when you are compelled too berate the author because of an act within the book and I was certainly so compelled multiple times while reading Thief not because I wasn t enjoying the book but because the pain Sevy and the other characters in Thief felt was so very real to me The characters were beautifully detailed and their emotions wonderfully displayed by the exuisite writing throughout the bookAnother thing that was done very well in Thief was the clean transitions between the points of view of the characters There were obvious divides and it never felt like I was losing perspective as I entered into another character s consciousness As each character s emotions were made clear by seeing things from their point of view it enriched the story and enhanced it strengthening the connection between the reader and this worldThough the direction the plot went had me screaming in frustration along with Sevy and feeling her deep sadness as well it was very well done I thoroughly enjoyed Thief and am very excited to dive into Shades of War The ending of Thief was unexpected and I was just as shocked as the characters within as to how it unfolded This for me is a must read I recommend it to fantasy lovers in particular but also to any reader who enjoys a wonderful storyComplaints Why did Jarro have to die darn you Sarah Jane I m kidding if anything I only wished it was longer so I could have enjoyed even of Sevy s world Recommendation What are you waiting for Buy it nowRating 55 If you ever love Arya Stark you Elizabeth Cady Stanton gotta love Sevy Thief began with a story of teenage Sevy live together with her friend Trena inside a stable in the city of Eloria Its a hard life for children living in city whereirls sell their bodies or living a criminal life Then fate lead her to Jarro a young man who lead one of the city s notorious criminal ang who save her and was kind to Sevy She fall in love with him but he never seem to notice her and instead he was occupied by the beautiful elf Irea But things never went as it should be Interestingly enough it took until the middle of the book that everything in the blurb happen and yes its painful as it soundSevy is a very enjoyable character and somewhat mysterious She s determined crass intuitive and also bad ass In the unforgiving environment she s in against all odds Sevy survive only to lost things she hold dear to her The story is uite dark even when the first part held the vein of most YA Fantasy and reminded me of Tamora Pierce s Allana series The worldbuilding was uite minimal for a fantasy but recognizable enough with its own cultures religion magic politics and its magical creatures that held some realism Sort of like Skyrim In fact Eloria have some similarities with Winterhold with Dark Elves at the bad part of the city and the Nords racism with the

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and of course crimes Although there s some awkward phrases and weird use of words but most of it aren t distracting There were some moments inside like prostitution polygamy incest and rape which added a dark vein in this book and does enhance the storylines by realism and its struggles but it can vein in this book and does enhance the storylines by realism and its struggles but it can offensive to casual immature readers That does sound like Game of Thrones right But GRR Martin uses these elements for shock and titillating the audience while women authors tend to be subtle and at times thought provoking while tackling the issue I understand Sevy s frustration with Trena and there were moments with character selling their body made me cringe but at its core it does not skimp at the reality of it and how woman are being treated Overall the story is very well written well edited and enjoyable even if it s a self pub Originally posted on First of all I will start out by saying that I am very excited to be a part of the book tour for this series because I fell in love with the novel from page one It is an absolutely stunning adventure of a story and I could not have asked for The story starts adventure of a story and I could not have asked for The story starts with Sevy a wonderfully sassy and tough sixteen year old orphan who is just trying to survive Her voice is real and she is very easy to connect to and you can really feel emotionally attached to her On a few separate occasions she meets Jarro a kind but tough hunk of a man Their interactions in the beginning are probably my favorite part Heartwarming and hilarious I could not et enough Sevy learns that Jarro is the head of a ang and eventually convinces him to let her join There is a lot to the story but if you remember what I said before I don t want to ruin anythingHowever this story takes place in an entirely new world that Lehoux creates From the elegant upper class to the orphans on the streets stealing from marketplaces to elves and demons and magic the setting just makes the story even beautifulThe novel also takes place in different time spans with eight years passing between the first and second part and two years passing between the second and the third I felt that this really adds to the reading experience Personally I felt as if I lived through all of the days in the story and really ot emotionally attached to it Which may have evoked some yelling and tears but hey That s a beautiful thing As long as you are in the comfort of your own bedroom I fell deep into Sevy s world and I cannot say I want to Septiņi get out anytime soonDifferent characters string together the plots of the story adding up to one beautiful masterpiece I m sure you will fall in love with Thief as I did I am very excited to continue with the series. Irit She has no ualms about taking what she desires and when the unreuited love of her life is mysteriously murdered Sevy will stop at nothing toet him back Elvish black magic necromancy and demonic pacts are of little conseuence if it means she can once again have her beloved at her side But is she willing to murder her only friend to et the job done Is there a line that even this selfish self proclaimed bitch is not prepared to cros.

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Le out of the way Sigh Thief is one of those books that rab your attention from the very first page and you cannot keep yourself from imagining what will follow next The plot is simple life of street children is captured most truthfully from stealing food and clothing to saving themselves from The All New Jonah Twist getting caught by the officials or becoming prey to pimps orangsters The story is easy to follow and the whole city of Eloria comes alive in front of your eyes Sarah did a wonderful job in painting the whole city from its high society markets to the dark and scary neighborhood of the Bloody Heart Right at the beginning of the story we et to meet our fearless and headstrong heroine Sevy Being a young female on the streets she fights loneliness until she finds Jarro and discovers a fraternity whom she could call her family Love and jealousy find their way into Sevy s life as she blossoms under the careful watch of her benefactors Jarro and Revik learning the ways to become a better thief and a ood fighter The story is wonderfully developed with all kinds of pixies dwarfs and elfs light elfs with dark hearts and dark elfs with beautiful souls and of course the demon that lurks in the shadow and feeds on blood It is an unpredictable story that kept me on the edge and rooted till the very end In the last chapter I admit I was sometimes put off by the detailed description of the surroundings or flashbacks of the demon especially in the middle of action taking place somewhere else in the story It not only felt out of place but also made me skim through it Although I agree it was interesting and vital for the overall plot had it been described at some other part of the storyThere is a lot of violence and Legon Ascension (Legon Series gore in the story murders in cold bloodang wars and the sort But all these fighting scenes are fabricated into the plot and remain true to the overall setting of the plot There are no unnecessary descriptions or depictions and the story flows smoothly I did not realize when I reached the end of the book and how invested I was into the characters until it finished cold turkey I read this story several weeks ago but due to the summer and absolute chaos haven t been able to review it until now Sarah Jane Lehoux s debut novel Thief is a book that stands out in a lot of ways It s not your typical romance doesn t revolve around a sexy likable heroine and provides numerous plot twists and turns that I can PMS guarantee you won t see comingBroken into three parts the beginning of Thief begins with an incredible world build which is uite honestly one of my favorite parts of the story I was drawn into theritty and visceral environment in which children exist on the streets stealing food clothing and whatever else is necessary to survive Of course this is also where you meet Sevy the loud brash and unapologetic heroine who exists by picking pockets and pilfering food from local vendors When her best friend chooses to become a prostitute in order to make a living Sevy declines her invitation to join her and is left alone Sevy is angry following the loss is hostile to those around her and doesn t seem to care about anyone or anything Until she s saved from the clutches of a pimp by Jarro a charismatic mob boss who takes her from the clutches of a pimp by Jarro a charismatic mob boss who takes her his wing From this point forward the story hits the round running and doesn t stop Sevy develops as time passes becoming a capable thief and fighter in her own right while romance between her and Jarro blossoms Of course danger lurks around every corner And Just When You Think It S Safe To Breathe just when you think it s safe to breathe Ms Lehoux delivers punches that you won t see coming I can t really delve to deeply into this as it would ruin the story but I can say that if you re a die hard believer in happily ever after this might be one offering you might want to pass on Of course it s a shame to do that as you d miss out on a reat new talent in the industry and an amazing storyThe supporting cast is wonderfully developed and I enjoyed learning about the various races their cultures and the differences between them The dark undertone of the work is also mesmerizing and is present from start finish When I reached The End I wasn t sure how I felt Although I can say that the made a hell of an impression If you re looking for a book that is outside the norm definitely Sinfully Damaged (Master Mistress, give Thief a try I m eagerly awaiting the next installment A thrilling adventure with wonderful characters by a talented writer Thief follows Sevy a young homelessirl trying to survive by you ABCs of Baseball guessed it stealing Sevy lives in Eloria a stinking pit of a city inhabited by homeless kids such as herself prostitutes andangs Sevy encounters one of the Ēna gang leaders a young man named Jarro and after some protesting on his part she is allowed to join hisroup Sevy uickly falls in love with Jarro but just when it seems that he might feel the same way he is mysteriously murdered Furious Sevy will stop at nothing to find out who murdered him and make them pay but when she finds that his murderer is her only hope at possibly having her beloved Jarro back will she be able to Taken By the Sheriff the Deputy Too! go through with her plan or will she risk everything including her best friend for a chance at happiness that she s never knownThief has everything you can possibly want in a fantasy book from elves and dark elves to pixies andoddesses your hunger for the supernatural and divine will be than satiated Thief is also high on action with the story rarely slowing down you will be hard pressed to stop reading even for a minute as you wait for the next breathtaking scene to follow For those of you who like some romance thrown in with your fantasy fear not Thief is centered on the Kentucky Grandmothers growing love between Sevy and Jarro that is intricate and truly beautiful There is also plenty of violence if that s your cup of tea so as you can see there is something in Thief for everyoneI loved Thief It s been a while since I have Ality have little meaning when confronted with the all consuming passion of the soul Better judgment is pushed aside for the chance to obtain the unobtainable The only uestion remaining is just how much a person is willing to sacrifice in order toet what they wantSevy has always been a uick study in the wicked ways of Eloria Since childhood she has eked out a living for herself with the help of her sticky fingers and her indomitable sp. ,

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