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A dance of time between the me and humans although the me are immortal you see their humanity filled with their strengths and weaknesses you are hurtled into the world of mysterymagic and whirled through history through time A fellow from a Terry Pratchett FB fan page suggested these books by Steve Cash Fabulous Wild story set in a panoply of world events from early train era to WW2 Loved it I hate middle books This one ended with nope I m not going to tell to WW2 Loved it I hate middle books This one ended with nope I m not going to #tell I have to wait for the final one It was scheduled #I have to wait for the final one It was scheduled release in 2007 but was delayed by the publisher It s now due in February 2011 That s a five year wait I guess I can t complain Just think of all those people waiting for the last Jane Auel book I didn t like this book as well as the first one I ept hearing yeah yeah yeah blah BLAH BLAH IN MY HEAD YEAH THEY ARE A blah in my head Yeah they are a of twelve year olds who can somehow travel globally without incident Yeah the Fleur Du Mal is evil but I don t think he elaborates on that enough He flits into the story nows everything that is going on and flits out again while the rest of the cast blunders about How many times can you write the same scenario without it becoming dull I think Steve Cash tries to write in the lush style of Anne Rice where everything no matter how mundane is heartbrakingly beautiful He fails at this in my opinion managing only to make it all blur togetherYet somehow in the end of the last chapter he sucked me back in and the story became good again I may even read the last book in the series Maybe LOL One of the best series I have ever read. Ixth Stone he is intent on finding the legendary talisman and eliminating anyone Me or human who stands in the way Z and his allies–Opari Sailor Geaxi Nova Ray Mowsel Carolina Jack and others–embark on a desperate uest spanning decades and continents to track down the stone before their lethal adversary gets to it first Along the way every belief they have about themselves will be challenged and shaken–and a new even deadlier enemy will aris. Time Dancers (Meq, The)The continuing story of Z who has recently celebrated his 12th birthday for the 38th time I love the historical guest stars in this trilogy I like a well written birthday for the 38th time I love the historical guest stars in this

trilogy i like 
I like well written that forces me to refer to wikipedia every hour or so to figure out who someone is likely to be ie Tumpy Josephine Josephine BakerVery enjoyable very well written I ll be a little sad when I finish the next book The second installment in the Me seriesamazing still Cash is one of those truly imaginative writers that make you wonder how they come up with the things they doThe characters are so real and they work their way through world events we all now about Cash doesn t dwell on the world stage but lets history infuse his story with richnessCan t wait for the third one Time Dancersby Steve CashISBN 0345470931Publisher Del Rey 416 Pgs The seuel to The Me is another page turner The story of Zianno and the Me continues with even action Him Opari and the others who hold one of four stones These stones provide them with extra powers that other Me don t have and it becomes their job to find the fifth stone that will help them through the Remembering One in a trilogy Time Dancers picks up where The Me left off The Me are a race who stop aging when they turn twelve and don t start aging again until they find Time Dancers is the second book in Steve Cash s sweeping fantasy trilogy called The Me also the title of the first book in the trilogy When forced to explain the plot of The Me in one sentence my reply is this the story is like the Highlander TV seriesmovies but the immortals here are twel. Steve Cash created “an absorbing and intriguing saga” The San Diego Union Tribune in his debut novel The Me Outwardly indistinguishable from human beings but with abilities no human can claim the Me search for their lost history and face a mysterious prophesied reckoning It has been thirty eight years since Zianno–known as Z–turned twelve In appearance he has not aged a day Like all Me Z has become accustomed to a near immortal existence ,
Ve years old To get specific the Me stop aging when they turn twelve until they find their ame their soul mate Once they are united the two enter what is called The Wait until they decide to cross over as it were becoming mortal and able to have a childThe telling of this story falls on the shoulders of Zianno Zezen one of the youngest members of the Me In the first book Zianno searches for others like him after the death of his parents Along the way he learns the significance of the stone he carries the stone of dreams and that there are others like it He finds friends both Giza human and Me alike his ame and a mortal or perhaps it would be apt to say immortal foe in the form of a would be apt to say immortal foe in the form of a Me assassin nown as the Fleur du mal In the midst of all that Z and his friends try to PREPARE FOR A ME EVENT KNOWN AS THE REMEMBERING for a Me event nown as the remembering will reveal their origins and their purpose a scant hundred years awayOkay so if you didn t read the first book that was all probably a bit confusing The reason for that is simple this trilogy isn t comprised of what can be called stand alone novels The sad Like all second books in a series it seems this was weaker than book one but with a huge cliffhanger ending The search for the sixth stone and Fleur de Mal seems to cloud the judgement of the characters and I was disappointed with the way the story moved away from the tribe of Basue herdsmanprotectors second book in the me trilogy the first book leaves you dying to now what happens next the second book does not disappoint and it leaves you aching for the third it is truelly. Ossessing an uncanny ability to recuperate from injury and resist disease Like only four others of his ind he holds one of the fabled Stones the Stone of Dreams These bearers believe it is their destiny to guide the Me toward and through the Remembering where it is said that they will recall their long forgotten origins and purposeBut the rogue Me assassin called the Fleur du Mal threatens their efforts and their lives Pursuing rumors of a lost

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