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the wayThe of "Them Have Been A Very "have been a very family with Matt and Brian sharing the twin bond as well With college looming ver so uickly in their future things are sure to change They are hoping to go to the same school but certain things have to happen for that to become a reality Brian allows his fears to affect some poor decisions and he nds up in somewhat of a downward spiral Matt is interested in another boy but that has its challenges as well All of these things seem TO BE PUTTING SPACE BETWEEN THE TWO BRIAN IS be putting space between the two Brian is worried about all of this as he feels his brother slipping away from him The two are close very close and while they do fool around some things are never really pushed as over the line as I xpected them to goThis is also the story of Jake the uncle who has basically put his life on hold to raise his sister s boys It s about him finding love again with someone from his past and accepting that it is ok for him to have it in his life now Again the boys are lucky to have such wonderful and caring role models in their lives I loved seeing this aspect as wellThis was very well written and pulled me right into the lives of these young men It is sweet and loving yet heartbreaking and sad at times But through it all I had a feeling of wanting to see these boys journey through Ancestral Voices everything and find happiness at thend Again I don t often read these types of stories so when I do and it works and leaves me with a total sense of And Bid Him Sing enjoyment that is saying uite a bit Job well done Louis This was a well written book The characters are realistic likable This is my first book with twins I loved that the book was written with POV from all the characters I laughed cried This is my first book from this author but will not be my last I want a book 2 Without giving away the book it s a great read a sexy as hell treat Deep breathSlowasy breathsNowHow do i review a book that has hit me so deeply and so profoundly without messing it upLouis is a new author to meI belong in his group and have come to love him as a fb friendI started this book a few months back but wasn t in the right frame of mind to read as I now knowbecausedamnI m brokenThis book is so deep and it takes you into yourself as you follow twins Matt Brian and their Uncle Jake forward in their lives after the death of Matt and Brian s parentsJake is their uncle who s brought them upThey are in high school on the verge of college and we are taken along on their journeyand it s a hard oneMatt is Aristotle Detective (Aristotle easy to love Its hard to find the words for himHe s lovable andasy going He has a instant liking to James a swimmer but in the closet and Matt won t go back into the closet for anyoneTheir relationship is hard going because of James not coming outI thought hard to fight back tears a few times with these two as they grow together and apartWhat James went through with his father is heartbreakingbut they come togetherJake the uncle does an amazing job of keeping the boys in line aswell as getting his own romance with an old flameand he needs to be tough to keep Brian in lineOh myBrianYou just have to love himbut you will want to hold him and hold him so tight with both handsHe is the twin that is hardest to controlBrian gets going with Adam an older man who I took an instant dislike to and I just knew he was going to hurt BrianMatt and Jake took instant dislikes to him and they were right toI won t say what happens to Brian but omg that broke meI had tears rolling down my faceWhat Adam does to Brian is horrendousyou can see it coming throughout the book but i d hoped wrongbutBrian has his support teamMatt who he loves dearlyHis Uncle Jakehis Coach and a surpriseOliverthe guy who just can t work out his labelI d say he s gfbGay For BrianI loved Oliver from the start Bones, Clones, and Biomes even though he was a bit of a pain to BrianI just knew there was something thereMatt and Brian are two young men you will loveThey loveach other so muchyes there s slight incest but nothing seriouspityLouisYou have done an amazing job on this bookI justwowI really can t breathe at the minute as I write thisI m so glad I took a chance on another new authorTotally rocked my world x I think I liked this book The writing is beautiful the characters are so detailed and real the story is by turns heart warming heart breaking sad and hopeful and the Bringing the Empire Home ending is beautiful The relationship between Brian and Matt at times perturbed me I think because I am a mother to twin boys I did like this book but there werelements of it that made me uncomfortabl. S hold on family life threatens his dreams of independence as does the attentions of a closeted new transfer to their schoolCan Matt pull away nough from his family to come into his own And will Brian finally get to grips with his past and allow his twin to chase his own happine. .

That was a very impressive story It was smooth written Really very njoyable It pulled me in and touched me deeply It was warm sweet funny realistic sensitive and heartbreaking Give us a look in the life of three guys A twin Brian and Matt and their uncle JakeWe have a look into their personal lifes and how they handle and co operate At a young age they lost their parents in a car accident Jake self a young man took custody and we see them grow up togetherTheir story and personalities are convincing At some point devastating I really stopped reading to cry and collect myself The way their story is written full of "Love And CompassionThey Loved And "and compassionThey loved and about Building the Cold War each other in such a deep way It hard to come between a twin but a some point Brian find in Oliver his partner Matt find his James and Jake found his HenryI so hope that Brian Matt and Jake will speak into the author sars and tell him how their lifes continues I m so not done and finished with them So very Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) excited for this author and for this release Can t wait for the world to meet Matt and Brian Beautiful coming of age story about love loss and family 3 Twice The Hands to HoldI was given a copy of this book inxchange for an honest reviewThis is a beautiful read I think I was caught off guard by Mr Stevens with this one I was not Counter-Amores expecting this wonderful coming of age story The characters are so masterfully developed and will stay in your heart and mind for days after your done reading their amazing story There is most definitely some gut wrenching moments in this book and you will feelvery bit of the Dancing at Armageddon emotions that just seem to grip at your heart strings for hours It is story about twins Brian and Matt who have had a tough life brought on by the tragic loss of their parents at a young age The twins are starting their senior year in high school and are trying to figure out just where they are going to be after school is finished Brian is theasy going athlete who just can t seem to stay our of trouble Double Jeopardy even though his heart is always in the right place when he makes those bad decisions He is so passionate and is the big softie deep down He is struggling with knowing that in a few months his family life may change as Matt may possibly be living at another college than him He seems to need reassuring that just because life may bring different paths to both he and his twin that the bond and closeness they share will never change Of course he is truly the vulnerable one and I fell in love with him veryarly in this adventureMatt is uiet but confident and so smart He may be the uiet one but he never denies or hides just who he is I loved that about him He knows he is gay and he is fine with it He also knows that its about time for him to maybe fall in love He knows Brian has already had many Composition and Literature experiences but he has never just gone their He seems to be the one that needs to make sure Brian is in a good place before he just jumps in and goes for something Its actually great because Brian comes across as the strong one but it really is Matt who balances him Matt just personifies the calm in the family While he definitely goes through some tough times he seems to be able to deal withverything with maturity and poiseFinally there is Uncle Jake who has raised both boys since his sister s death I loved his strength in this story You never hear him complaining about having to sacrifice so much of his own life to raise Brian and Matt Jake is trying to come to terms with possibly having Cezanne and Provence empty nest syndrome and is stepping into the dating pool once again Jake is firm and holds these boys together with steady hand for sure He knowsach of his boys to the tee They may be able to fool him Dark Voices every now in then but in thend Jake just reels them in Jake is struggling with what Contested Reproduction every parent goes through Did I do it right Are they going to be good adults Can I change anything before its to late I know I ask these uestions daily for sure as a mother This book is not a romance It s a uniue glimpse into what family should mean today It is a wonderful coming of age story and while it may touch on some tough topics at times in thend it just boils down to family and the bonds that make it unbreakable Louis Stevens did an Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) excellent job writing thispic tale that managed to Creating Country Music embed itself in my head for days after finishing I smiled I cried I got angry I cried some I absolutely loved this story If you are looking for a different lovely read then don t miss this one I promise it is so worth the read Went into this bookxpecting some taboo which there is a lit. Twin brothers Brian and Matt Walker went to live with their mother’s brother after the death of their parents at an arly age Brian is still wracked with the guilt he carries around from a young age and sees the world through a distorted lens of self loathing When he meets a se. Tle but found a very sweet sometimes angsty story Orphaned twins living with their uncle who has nothing but love for them All of them trying to build relationships and afraid to face love outside of their little family I fell in love with Brian Jake and Matt I want to know what happens for them nextLouis has created such a beautiful story and family I m ager to read by himI also read the alternative nding I think had the whole book been the taboo relationship I would have liked the alternative nding but it s different then the relationship built through the book so it was a jarring Both the book and alte REVIEWED FOR BOOK ALLIANCE45 StarsI was absolutely convinced I had read a book by this author when I picked up Twice the Hands but it turns out I was wrong and he was a new to me author After finishing he will certainly be an author I read againTwice the Hands is a story of growing up of teetering on adulthood yet still being so uncertain of your place in the world It s a story of family love that reaches past maternal and paternal boundaries and thrives on loveMatt and Brian are twins that lost both their parents in a car crash and have been raised by their Uncle Matt is out and proud and takes life in at his own pace He is sensitive nerdy and at first seems the weaker of the two boys Brian is bisexual and the complete opposite to his brother in so many ways He is the school jock a star football player and has taken on the role of protector where is brother is concernedThe two boys have a very close relationship that is often complicated but very important to them both You don t get one Walker brother without the otherThe story also includes their Uncle Jake a gay man who Evolution As Entropy essentially put his life on hold for over a decade to bring up his boys We learn of his fear at being left with the responsibility of two young lives when he himself was so young You can virtually feel the love he has for his family as you turn the pages As the boys are almost heading to college he finds himself with his own relationship dilemma and it is reminiscent of the relationship that Matt currently finds himself inThis is a short insight to a family growing up First relationships are neverasy and both boys struggle Facing homophobia in their home is something neither boy has had to grow up with but Matt s new love interest sadly doesn t have it so Forging Gay Identities easy Brian is drawn to the bad boys of the world and his bravado and keen need to fit in has devastating conseuences Suddenly the roles are flipped and Matt comes into his own as his brother s protector and guardianThis is a book that you will be unable to put down until you finish as you becomentwined in the life of the Walker boys and their Uncle My only criticism is the Forbidden History editing and it s not normally something I would bring up in a review There were numerousrrors that could have been Fiche Blian ag Fás easily spotted with a good proofread They were jarring and kept pulling me from the story My rating however doesn t reflect theserrors but I do feel they should be mentioned Full disclosure I know the author of this book personally and consider him a close FB friend And it was indeed due to said friendship that I picked up Twice the Hands to HoldAnother admission this is a book I d consider far from my wheelhouse My go to reads tend to be much darker grittier and I admit depraved This book on the other hand is definitely what I d consider sweetThat said I Esteem Enlivened by Desire enjoyed the hell out of it The main character s relationships their history and their uest for happiness and fulfillment grabbed me within the first few pages and didn t let goeven after I d finished the bookIf well written characters and interesting storylines are your thing oh and handsome twins wink then do yourself a favor and pickup Mr Stevens Twice the Hands to Hold you ll be really glad you didPeaceJLT pleasurethroughdenialJosephLanceTonletcom 45 star review by The Blogger GirlsThis was such a pleasant surprise and wonderful coming of age story I don t normally read them but this one didn t take long to pull me in and keep me turning the pagesThese boys have it pretty good nowven though it was a rough start losing their parents at such a young age Their gay uncle stepped up to raise them though and he s done a fine job up to this point The boys certainly don t make it Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith easy for him but then very few teenagers doMatt and Brian are twins who are pretty much free to be themselves Matt is gay and out but the geek of the two Brian is a bi jock star of the football team They are both mostly accepted at school but. Xy and interested college aged guy at the beginning of his senior year of high school he may have finally found someone who can help himscape his mundane xistenceMatt has his life all planned out he longs for a solid career in journalism after graduating college But his tenuou. Twice the Hands to Hold Twice The Hands To Hold #1

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