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5 star reread n anticipation of book 8 coming out n October Love #This Series My First #series My first 5 stars n the Cradle seriesThis book had t all I cheered I cried tears of sadness and of joy I wished for the book to strech further so I could prolong the fun and emotional ride I embarked on wished for the book to strech further so I could prolong the fun and emotional ride I embarked on I laughed out loud guys you don t want to miss out the Bloopers at the end of the amazing epilogue BLOOPERSI hope I ll have the time to write something coherent soon The name of this book and what t suggests The Fairytale Hairdresser and Father Christmas is killing me with anticipationAfter reading Honestly I m relieved I was worried that something would go wrong and I wouldn t liket but The Twenty-Third Man (Mrs. Bradley, it s even better than I thoughtt would be I m not going to do a real review but I might after rereading The Handbag Book Of Girly Emergencies it a few times All the stuff below will be random thoughts and stream of consciousness stuff Don t expect ualityuestionsview spoiler Are Jai Long and his sister at the Sacred Valley yet I don t think the epilogue said anything about that Answer Last fall two young outsiders had torn through the Heaven s Glory School breaking their waynto Sacred Valley They were still at large somewhere hiding just as she was Also The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop it probably doesn t make sense for Lindon to go back home until at least after the tournament But I really want to see his familyhometown s reaction to the fact that he could easily conuer the entire Valley To answer my own uestion The tournament does not allow anyone below or above Underlord Charity said though advancements during competition are allowed All competitors must be younger than 35 Now I wonder how likelyt Sweet Liberty is that Lindon will advance during the competition If he s going to spend a few months training with the Akura s he ll probably be at least halfway to Overlord by the time the tournament startsAlso the next book or two has a great setup to be character driven rather than advancement driven Yeren being separated from Lindon AGAIN after they ve made some relatively big stridesn their relationship Smack is killer I also really want to see how Lindon stacks up to Jai Long and Eithan AND Naru Gwei now It would be hilariousf he could kick Naru Gwei s ass He s always punched above his weight class He spent most of this book crushing Truegolds and standing against Underlords Could he at least almost fight an Overlord now What s Orthos up to We can assume he ll. A tournament approaches All around the world great clans and sects prepare their

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He most pivotal advancement Night of the Living Dead Christian in the series so far ands also the most emotional The New World Order in terms of the overall content these were possible to achieve because Wight finallymplemented the characterizations that the series needed King Solomons Carpet in full force here Humans have to discover what drives their souls to action Orthos continued It s the spark that starts their transformation If you ve read the first two books already the title of this novel should be self explanatory for what you re gettingnto and wow Wight did not disappoint I truly wish I could tell you the did not disappoint I truly wish I could tell you the of the sacred arts being displayed Halflings (Halflings, in the concluding chapters of the book but I have to leave them for you to find out for yourself The storm of blades the Blood Shadow and the rampaging Blackflames was stunningly written Plus Underlord was the first timen the series that I truly felt The Big Snuggle-Up investedn Lindon I will make myself clear If you face Wei Shi Lindon before you reach Underlord you will surely die That kind of line Too Close for Comfort (Jo Birmingham is unprecedented before and to see thatt has started becoming a common occurrence Trauma in the story now feelsncredibly satisfying In both power and maturity Lindon has come a long way since his beginning and I m so excited to see the next part of his journeyThis review s much shorter than my usual standards but I have to be careful because these books are short and we re six books halfway through the series now I don t want to spoil you yes you who s looking at this review even though you haven t started the series and everyone who s about to read this superb book Underlord s powerful emotional and visceral I can personally understand why Underlord receives such unanimous praise from ts fans Underlord s powerful emotional and visceral I can personally understand why Underlord receives such unanimous praise from Happiness the Mindful Way its fanss the best of the series so far and Wight will have to do a lot of #IMPROVEMENT IF HE WANTS TO TOP #if he wants to top he has written here I can t believe that I now only have one published book Uncrowned left Gorilla, Monkey Ape in the series for me to read I ll try my best to resist readingt until there s an announcement on the eighth A First Book of Jewish Bible Stories installment SidenoteWhen you re done with the book please read the blooperYou can order the book from Book Depository Free shippingYou can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions Special thanks to my Patrons on Patreon for giving me extra support towards my passion for reading and reviewingMy Patrons Alfred Devin Hamad Mike Miracle Nichola. E Blackflame Empires drawn n but their youth are not strong enough to compete Start training Lindon s sister but what elseAnd finally what kind of terrible agonizing wonderful development will Lindon go through under his revenge training with the Akura s hide spoiler 455 starsThe release of Underlord last year marked the exact moment I decided I have to read Cradle this year and I can agree that this s the best of the series SO FARTO ELABORATE UPON WHAT SPARKED MY CURIOSITY FURTHER farTo elaborate upon what sparked my curiosity further has a consistent and The Bully insanely high rating ever sincets publication day During the time of posting this review the average rating of Underlord on Goodreads sits at 469 out of 6450 ratings on US The Regiment it has an average rating 49 out of 1049 ratings and no one ratedt below 3 stars on These numbers and the barrage of personal recommendations from other readers were the two sole reasons why I ended up giving this series a go earlier than planned What made Underlord even awesome A lot but The Kingdom (Fargo Adventure, if I were to narrowt down to one main feature Johnny Came Home it s the significant characterizations and development given to the main characters The baby suirrel had finally left the nest and grownnto awell suirrels never turned nto anything scary Call t an ancient sacred #suirrel I ve mentioned this n my review of Ghostwater the series has been missing the exposure to #I ve mentioned this n my review of Ghostwater the series has been missing the exposure to and deeper The Complete Idiots Guide to Finance for Small Business introspection that would make the character s constant advancement throughout the series meaningful and emotional The second half of Ghostwater started to put emphasis on this and I found thatt s super gratifying to see His Guarded Heart it deliveredn full The Woman Who Walked Into the Sea in Underlord Throughout the series so far advancement means getting practicing ridiculously hard until you re stronger Lindon Yerin and Mercy her backgroundn this book was amazing can t advance to the next stage with that kind of mindset any Yes Lindon said Until now advancement has been clear You make Yourself One Step Stronger Every Day Keep one step stronger every day keep and cycling aura and strengthening your spirit and The Goodness of Dogs it adds up Now all of a suddent s different The next stage of power reuires them to dig deep Everybody Matters into the deepest part of their soul and they have to be self aware and confident with the revelations The motivations behind why each main character practiced sacred artsn the first place are laid bare and as The Slaughter it turns out this supposedly simple reuirements not as easy as Three Mothers, Three Daughters it sounds Underlord featured Isciples to fight against one anothern a competition of young Underlords Even th. .

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