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Terest in Richard Pryor Bill Hicks Mark Chopper Read Bret The Hitman Hart But I had to read Very True Stories because the cover Read Bret The Hitman Hart But I had to read Very True Stories because the cover the story of a modern ay barbarian the kind you find on the cover of pulp novels or sword and sorcery movie video boxes A Conan of millennial AmericaI was blown away by the story of a Real American Hero sorry GI Joe if I infringed anything This is a man no a MAN who looked up from his computer and saved the wo I get the feeling upon finishing this book that there s a lot of truth mixed with bullshit Am I to believe Jeff O Brien met Bigfoot saved the planet from aliens spoke with an action figure and had his balls slurped out of his urethra No but I want to I read this book in almost one sitting just getting up for a smoke or to grab a beer it s that good America is in need of a hero and amn it Jeff O Brien just of a hero and amn it Jeff O Brien just be what we need Jeff O Brien has led an interesting life He s published books about women with exceptional chest sizes He s butchered meat He s smoked cigars and lounged in his back yard while bitching about the kids making too much noise He s even So Damn Lucky (Lucky OToole, declared KISS s Alive III is one of the greatest albums of all timeAnd yet he choses to write about the mundane crap he s experienced Like once heug up this thing Or that one time this chick he hooked up with turned out to be a monster Also not once but twice

he was involved 
was involved saving the world from a global alien invasion Now I Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty don t want to sell him short He sone a passable job of telling a very entertaining version of his story of selling his soul to the Ryugakusei no tame no Kanji no Kyokasho SHOKYU 300 - Japanese Writing Study Book devil We ve allone it and yet he kept me glued with rapt attention Hess fine it with all these stories I think it s because at his core he s a cool A Study in Scandal (Scandalous dudeSo read this book because Jeff O Brien is choll as fuck and listens to Kiss And any asshat who thinks Jeff has made any of this shit up can go fist Oprah s crusty old cooter This guy is living the life we allream of and shares some of the stories in a very funny and clever collection Ninja Boot Swamp Ass and M Dew included His writing will make you laugh but there are some very accurate pieces of social commentary stashed in the words as well Very comfortable and entertaining voice like the stories told by the Letting it Go dude at the end of the bar that s been there alla. Es stolen befriending a famous cryptid fighting evil aliens that time he sold his soul to Satan and a bunch of other sordid shit.
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characters Very True Stories Starring Jeff OBrien

Very True Stories Starring Jeff OBrienOne of the things I find with authors online and the back and forth is that some people take things too seriously Jeff O Brien The One Who Stays (Summer Island, does not take things too seriously in his fiction There is a humor and satirical wit that runseep throughout his work Toilet humor oh there is that but something yes and you need to But something Yes And you need to take yourself so seriously and know that the piece of work you are reading is not as the title says true but an ironic and funny tale Lighten up and enjoy yourself Once again I have finished a Jeff O Brien book which once again leaves me wanting to read Jeff O Brien books This one was short and got straight to the point just LIKE THE BEST PUNK ROCK SONGS the best punk rock songs is some crazy stuff in here along with some self Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, deprecating humor that gives us a bit of aeeper glance into the author The first story took some turns that I truly wasn t expecting Also there is a story in this collection called Altar of Sodomy Holy shit That s all I have to say Get it Farcical very true entertainment Together these five stories create a kind of self portrait of the author Or so the title indicates More than any particular story I think that s where the fun in this book comes from You get this continuity of the titular character s tastes in women pop culture his Smijurija u mjerama desire to be a hero without actually training to be some form of hero which is very relatable and his snarky attitude about whether or not anyone believes his stories are true To sum up Jeff O Brien takes what is lovable about B movies and spins it into fun anecdotes about his life that feel like he s telling them over beers at aive barAddition I ve read enough stories with weird sex and other bizarre happenings to appreciate that O Brien Speer delivers his material with skill and better timing than might appear on the surface I found that to be true of everything I ve read by him so far This autobiographical book is a collection of five short stories If you personally know Jeff you will have many moments of Oh I remember that That is exactly how it happened If you have only read Jeff s books before you will have moments of Oh That explains why he s like that and writes these things Either way these are enjoyable romantic true stories Jeff not only writes romantic heroes in his his books he apparently is one as well He. Jeff O'Brien is the author of such almost successful works as the BigBoobenstein series and The Halloween Orgy Massacre But in Might be wrong about who the best singer for Black Flag was And heoes than just watch old basketball contests and listen to good music He is one of Hemingway s adventurous emo heroes come to life He is the personification of a romance novel cover And then he writes a compelling story about it afterward Please Ultralearning don t mind the tentacles What is yourefinition of truth Do you believe in aliens Do you believe that the world has been saved twice by a scruffy og lover and a Starting Lineup action figure As a fan of Jeff s I have read JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING THE DUDE HAS about everything the ude has out and as I "Gazed At The Cover I "at the cover I that I was going to be in for one hell of a read Jeff writes the kind of stuff that he would like to read and along the way he s picked up a bit of a following Whatever he writes it always seems to work and shouldn t be taken to seriously The same goes for his latest book which will no The Lost Literature of Medieval England doubt piss of scores of people but I thought it was a lot of fun Are these any of things in O Brien s book plausible Does it matter What s important is that Jeff is aecent writer that can tell you a story while winking at the same time The Allston Girl kicks things off and here s the moment where you cough and say bullshit at the same time A vagina monster Not gonna lie I laughed my ass off at this one and as I read on I laughed In these stories Jeff comes off as a bit of a ork but he manages to save the world twice and gives us tips on how how to keep away a boner while getting a massage That alone Is Worth The Price Of worth the price of book If you follow Jeff on Facebook his love of chem trails and aliens have made it into Very True Stories which really shouldn t surprise anyone If there were a contest for bullshit artist Jeff would no oubt win Without a Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, doubt Stories is an entertaining book that may or may not be true I can t say for sure but I will tell you that you should pick up this book unless you fail to have a sense of humor It s a uick read that proves that Jeff is the master of B rate fiction Ion t mean any Im a Narwhal disrespect by that because I love b rate movies and Jeff has brought that into his fiction In a world gone mad Jeff reminds us that we shouldn t take ourselves too seriously I m not usually one for biographies because there are very few people that I have sufficient in. His effort he reveals to you the man behind the stories Merely open this book to witness his true accounts of having his testicl.

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