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Ute and romantic and stunning and screamsplease read this book Wait for me is the historical romance you didn t know you needed in your lifeBUT YOU NEED THIS BOOK for me is the historical romance you didn t know you needed in your lifeBUT YOU NEED THIS BOOK YOUR LIFE NowWhat is it aboutGood uestion screams againIt s about Lorna and PaulThe year is 1945 She lives in a farm in Scotland He s a former erman soldier who s now a prisoner of war of the British forces and who s sent to work on Lorna s dad farm This is the story of the British forces and who s sent to work on Lorna s dad farm This is the story of and Paul falling in lovescreams againI can t put into words how touching is this book You have to read to find out But it is one of the most beautiful love stories I have read in a whileFrom now on I will be fangirling about some of the scenes that touched the most this should be considered a medium spoiler warningReasons why Wait for Me deserves a place in my exclusive favorite of all time book list It s a forbidden romance It is also a slow burn romance Lorna hates Paul at first sight because he s Leonardo and the Mona Lisa Story german He was in an explosion and that s why he has a scar on half of his face Also his body People see Paul and always comments about how ugly he is Then he tells Lorna that he may be German but that doesn t mean he s a nazi Lorna starts to speak freuently to Paul and is the best thing ever Lorna does not mind Paul s scar She even think Paul is a handsomeuy Then one day she sees him without a shirt and loses the ability to breathe Then on a rainy day in which Lorna is totally wet Paul Mona Lisa gives her his sweater to keep her warm and then I died They also dance together and it is so freaking perfect He also hugs her one day because she is crying He hugs her Paul is the best man ever And he tells Lorna that before he started to work on the farm he had to sign a contract that forbiddens him to be friendly with the Scottish people And then he said he broke that promise because now Paul is Lorna s friend DID YOU HEAR ME DYING And the first time they kiss is just the cutest moment in existence Theift Paul Fly Away Home (South Africa Series, gives Lorna for her 18th birthday The end had me sobbing so hard But then I stopped crying because the last two pages are not sad any Is the best finale ever Also in the author s note Caroline Leech said that she received a letter from airl that said that her dad meet her mom while he was a prisoner of war and worked in her mother s farm They actually prisoner of war and worked in her mother s farm They actually each other and had a daughter And she also wrote that she heard a lot of stories like that Meaning Paul and Lorna s type of love story actually happened in real life I m dead bye. Is life back home in Germany the she sees the boy behind the soldier Soon Lorna is battling her own warring heart Loving Paul could mean losing her family and the life she’s always known With tensions rising all around them Lorna must decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice before the end of the war determines their fat. ,

This was a beautiful yet at times Heart Wrenching Book I Just Laid wrenching book I honestly just laid bed holding this book to my chest crying when I finished it book was beautiful and had a very powerful message The message woven throughout this novel at least what I personally thought it as was forgiveness and not judging people based on their outward appearance or their nationality This spoke volumes to me I am a descendant of a Dutch resistant worker I had distant uncles who died in concentration camps I have read countless books on WW2 and the Holocaust I have heard story after story of Nazis and their oppression Yet as awful as the Nazis Were I Understand That There I understand that there were those Soldier O - Bosnian Inferno good Germans out there There were this German soldiers who were forced into the war without their approval Not all were mini Hitler s like we all think German soldiers during WW2 to be Paul the lovable broke cinnamon roll Paul was a character whom I instantly fell in love with He was a broken German soldier who was hurt badly and had some physical handicaps due to that but he didn t let that stop him His character was stillood and he did not allow what people say Seeing Through the Eyes of the Polish Revolution get to him My heart broke for this poor man and I wanted to just hug him so badly many times throughout this book Paul s character also wove his way into my heart because I have a heart for broken soldiers no matter what nationality they are My heart always breaks for them I always want to hug and pray for them I always want to just reassure them that God loves them and has their backs Lorna I also loved her character Her emotions towards Paul were real and I felt like her development really was done well I loved seeing her evolve into the person we saw at the end of the book I love how she stood up to all the hypocrites in her town and how she stood up for Paul even when that meant looking bad towards others She was amazing All the other characters who I was suppose to like were just as lovable and amazing as Paul and Lorna I want another book about Iris though I really want to know what happens with her If I neveret one I Keeping Secrets guess I ll be okay but that would just be cool Again the storyline and messages was beautiful and it brought tears to my eyes If y all have not read this yet I highly recommend doing so However there are a few content things like mild language and some mild sexual content not between Paul and Lorna but a side character If you want a in depth content warning You can PM me and I ll be willing to tell you P Bleeee. The perfect blend of sweet romance and historical flavor Wait for Me from debut author Caroline Leech brings a fresh new voice to a much lovedenreIt’s 1945 and Lorna Anderson’s life on her father’s farm in Scotland consists of endless chores and rationing knitting Red Cross scarves and praying for an Allied victory So. Ch If I had to describe this book in one word I would probably choose corny Don t pick this this book in one word I would probably choose corny Don t pick this if you re looking for a moving would probably choose corny Don t pick this if you re looking for a moving fiction about finding love amidst the horrors of World War 2 Pick it up if you want to read a cheeseball teenage romance with only occasional mentions of those minor inconveniences during the war I read World War 2 historical fiction because I like reading about strong people who had to do hard things to survive during one of the most horrifying times in modern history This book only casually mentioned those horrible things as devices to keep the romance oing The Blitz is mentioned once And Only Because The German only because the German interest is teaching the main character the German words for thunder and lightning which is Blitzen I think the word Nazi is used like once I think that only one character from the main character s Scottish village is killed and he s a character that we never even meet Food rationing is mentioned but they always seem to have plenty of ood food to eat It just felt like World War 2 was nothing than a backdrop to the romance The main character is shallow petty and obnoxious She and her best friend are constantly bickering about nothing usually instigated by the main character ragging on the best friend s boyfriend She makes snap judgements about everyone And then she flip flops about those judgements When the German love interest ets to her farm she alternates between thinking he s nothing than a dirty German and thinking he s just a beautiful misunderstood boy I wanted to throttle her for the entire book The German himself isn t bad Just kind of blah The dialogue is a little stiff and I can t tell if its because the author was trying to make it actually sound like the 1940s The end of the book was cheesy and blech Everything was tied up in a nice little bow with little to no fallout for the main character after A MAJOR WAR TAKING PLACE ON THE CONTINENT SHE LIVED ON Moral of the story this book is all fluff and no substance Loved this book I only read contemporary some of the time but I was intrigued because of the era it was set in The characters all had their flaws and their uniueness and Paul after everything he has been through is such a sweetheart These people were just so brave to live during this time while everyone today is just worried about a selfie and I loved the history and everything else within these pages Full review on my blog I VE FOUND ANOTHER FAVORITE This book was incredibly beautiful and When Paul Vogel a German prisoner of war is assigned as the new farmhand Lorna is appalled How can she possibly work alongside the enemy when her own brothers are risking their lives for their countryBut as Lorna reluctantly spends time with Paul she feels herself changing The she learns about him from his time in the war to

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