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AwingsThe Messenger her stalker although seen as the main protagonist in the book is just one of many However the Messenger is a very scary stalker who will go to any lengths to get at and to get SeraphI would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a story that grips you brings you into someone s psyche motions and feelingsJust as good maybe ven better than the first bookJJS Okay Jane Washington you ve got me now I was still unsure after the first installment and the start of the second installment still had me about confused with myself I was so confused with so many uestions I felt so unresolved yet I coul This second book totally wrecks your heart There is just so much unending sorrow upon these pages You really aren T Prepared For Uite The Heights That prepared for uite the heights that plot soars towards You really want to learn whom the Messenger is and you want Seraph to come to be at peace with her bonds But verything just fell a part "There are no happy ndings yet I m absolutely holding onto "are no happy ndings yet I m absolutely holding onto hope that things change uickly for our girl So many ye opening moments occurred right along side those that blindsided the reader I cannot devour book three uickly nough Ms Washington takes your heart on an Dark Awakening epic ride through a haunted house with this book It s terrifying and so sad Ms Washington truly is such an amazingly talented and authentic author She knows how to keep you coming back forven when she s broken your heart Okay so I absolutely love Seph but she kind of got on my nerves I understand keeping the reader in suspense and hanging on to the hope of the romantic Hawks Way (Hawks Way entanglementsventually coming to fruition However Seph is going back and forth between being a confident and in control woman to a scared little girl who cant make up her mind I understand that is sometimes how it is in real life scenarios but a reader doesn t want reality Readers want to Family Men escape from reality andxist in worlds where love at first sight and ternal attraction can manifest and survive anything The storyline is fantastic to those readers on the fence about buying the next installment but Seph does start to annoy Me With Her Indecision And Passiveness 35 with her indecision and passiveness 35 rounded up Another mysterious gut wrenching ntry in this series This book has some tedious moments but Sabina Spielrein every Silas moment than makes up for it I m always soft for the broken grumpy angry characters and he isverything you want from this trope This story is about Seraph Silas than the harem as a whole sometimes the rest of the guys feel like gnats flying about Fingers crossed they grow on me in future booksCW stalking child abuse sexual assault I can t decide if I can get on board with this series The plot is thoroughly confusing and Seph never seems to act appropriately She was obsessing over a date but getting over truly heinous murders with little issue Plus half the time the main characters don t Cognitive Radio Networks even seem to li. Ems like the world isn't done with her yet The messenger is back with a systematic vengeance that knocks her flat and notven her self proclaimed secret keepers are prepared for how far he is willing to go to get what he wants She is walking on Personnel Management in Government eggshells trying to keepveryone at a distance Especially those that are closest to her Unfortunately there is one person who keeps slipping through. .

Wow another amazing book sometimes I find the first book "The Best Then They Sort Of Fizzle Out This Book "best then they sort of fizzle out This book is far from thatLots of twists and turns plenty of suspense I will admit to taking longer breaks at work just so I could read a little Five stars is just not nough of a recommendation for this series I love this series the story is so clever and it s kept me hooked Although this is a reverse harem series the relationships are not typical of this genre and I love that this lement although fundamental to the plot almost takes a back seat as Other Elements Of The Story Are Treading elements of the story are treading Jane has a very uniue way of world building and describing things for the reader which I absolutely loveif your looking for a book that makes you think and keeps you guessing then I d really recommend this I love the characters Seraph is a very loveable heroine and the 4 guys are perfectly written for the story Can t wait for book 3 I loved the first book in the series and read this one straight after and wasn t disappointed It is the first reverse harem book I have read and it is interesting to see how ach of the characters grow and how their relationships are formed and it is interesting to see how ach of the characters grow and how their relationships are formed this book has four main male characters the story sometimes focuses on one of them than the others For The Child of the Soul and Other Stories example in the first book in the series it focused on Cabe and Noah and their relationship with Seraph but I d say in book 2 it focuses on Seraph s relationship with uillan and Silas I would think writing a story with 5 main characters would be complicated but Jane Washington does it very well in my opinion I can t wait until the 3rd book in the series is released at thend of September Really Childrens Phantasies enjoyed both books so far they have kept my interest and you get drawn into the characters I would of liked the relationships between the 4 main boys and the main girl to develop a it uicker though this is being really dragged out after 2 books a little than 2 kisses would of been better I would also like to hear of the boys side their feelings A chapter now and again told from their point of view would be good so that the reader gets a better understanding of their feelings and reasons behind what they do I hope the next book comes out soon because I hate cliffhangersspecially when you have to wait months for the next instalment If it s too long I nd up not buying it which would be a shame as I d really like to know what happens next and soon Hopefully the relationship and story will develop abit in the third book The continuation of Seraph Black s story gets better and better The truth about her her origins and her bonded mates are all coming out and the story is getting ven interesting because of thisI love the titles of the books all based on painting Charcoal Tears the first and Watercolour Smile the second all linked to her seeing bits if the future through her painting and dr. Maybe I was stupid to have agreed to this but when all of the options that you have in life are dangerous ones you can only choose to do something reckless or turn a blind The Soviet Union eye and allow the cards to fall as they mayand I was sick of being blind Seraph Black hasndured a vicious stalker a change of schools a bonding a triple murder and than her fair share of uncomfortable situations but it se.

FREE READ .com: Watercolour Smile: Seraph Black, Book 2 Audible Audio Edition: Jane Washington, Laurel Schroeder, Jane Washington: Audible Books Originals

Ke Gods and Heroes each Seph Silas is volatile and never there for herven though she was consistently there for him Miro is her teacher sorry i can t get past that Cabe and Noah had potential but their chemistry was utterly obliterated
"By The Plot Seph Literally "
the plot Seph literally t have anyone in her corner and it s just depressing I want to know what happens but I just don t know if I can keep going There are several things about this story that I like but there are things that I disliked I can tell you that I downloaded book one for free and the story intrigued me Science, Technology and Culture enough to want to buy book two There may be spoilers in myxplanations below so please proceed with caution if you have not read the story or do not like spoilersLikes The premise of the story has potential The idea of reverse harem in literature is not new but storylines containing reverse harem are rare The group has issues which is nice to see because it makes the relationship believable I like the individual characters and want to get to know about them I also like the supporting characters The antagonists are believable and they draw you into the storyDislikes The story is choppy and hard to follow Whoever did the beta or diting for this did not do a to follow Whoever did the beta or diting for this did not do a job of reminding Jane to keep the story on track It doesn t help that the story is wordy In some places the descriptions became redundant because there are strings of adjectives all meaning the same thing describing one object This led me to try to skip around only to realize that I was lost In some of these cases you had to read between the lines to figure out where the story was going This flow also causes confusion when it comes to the This flow also causes confusion when it comes to the It is hard to follow which antagonist is which because the description of that person matches the description of one of the others Since the story felt disjointed you lost a sense of time and place It also nds abruptly on a cliffhanger I am fine with cliffhangers as long as there is a feeling of closure to one aspect of the story This was just the opposite as it just opened up uestions I feel like ach character has a uniue personality but there is to learn about Last Chance Bride each and their backstory The author spends too much time on Silas and his story This skews the RH aspect of the story for me because she clearly does not feel for the others like she does for him There needs to be a better balance between the characters if this will truly be RH There are grammar and punctuation issues which I would normally be able to overlook if I didn t have to pay such close attention to what I was readingI will read the last book but at this point I feel like it will be rushed with no conclusion to the storylines I believe the author should take a step back and review where the story is before she completes it It may be that books are needed to give a clear picture as to how she will interact withach of the MCs in the futur. The cracks Silas uillan the gift in her life that keeps on taking Every time she turns around he's taking something lse from her her choices her privacy her freedom her sanityand if she's not careful the next victim might just be her heart Warning While this audiobook is intended for a young adult audience it is not recommended for persons younger than 15 years due to some disturbing themes. ,

.com: Watercolour Smile: Seraph Black, Book 2 Audible Audio Edition: Jane Washington, Laurel Schroeder, Jane Washington: Audible Books Originals
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