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Beyond Band of Brothers uOf talking about specific brain regions that an expert wouldn t know it was hisse of language something that was entirely avoidable if he just wrote it better or had a better editorFor example there was a sentence The reticular nucleus it is suspected acts to switch or gate the activities of the specific thalamic nuclei yielding different patterns of expression of such sensory modalities as sight hearing "And Touch Which Could Have Been Written The Reticular Nucleus " touch which could have been written The reticular nucleus believed to be a switch or gate to nucleus is believed to be a switch or gate to ways to see hear or sense the world and would ve been shorter and a lot clearerThe last two chapters become very readable again and are a ite interesting summary of the book but leave out a lot of detail I can only presume was gone into in detail in previous chapters He also leaves out things like experimental backing for the theory which he says is done in different books listed in the bibliography which is also very well laid out The glossary is poorly explained as well as it always being cumbersome to have to go to the end of the book to read

"the out of "
out of explanation of a term that could ve been just explained in textAs it was what I did nderstand was fascinating but there was far too little of those bits Gerald Edelman a Nobel prize winning neuroscientist offers a neurological theory of consciousness which interests me because consciousness is central to many philosophical positions and disputes Edelman is philosophically well informed especially praising the work of William James so that he often addresses the obvious philosophical concerns For example he takes care to avoid category errors such as the tendency to treat objects of consciousness as though they were things in the same sense as material objects Early in his book Edelman makes the point that a theory of consciousness should not be expected to duplicate consciousness eg to generate my The Year of Living Biblically uniue experience of red but only to explain it Just as a meteorologist can explain a hurrican. The self and to the origins of feelings learning and memory His analysis of the brain activitiesnderlying consciousness is based on recent remarkable advances in biochemistry immunology medical imaging neuroscience and evolutionary biology yet the implications of his book extend farther beyond the worlds of science and medicine into virtually every area of human inui. This book is very interesting but very difficult Edelman starts by describing the neural anatomy that sensory perceptions and then processed information travels through in order for our brains to process information the neural anatomy that sensory perceptions and then processed information travels through in order for our brains to process information describes how this process of ordering info is primary consciousness Combined with value systems with instinctual responses to stimuli the development of communication then language our brains evolved to also process abstract thoughts How our brains process language was not really abstract thoughts How our brains process language was not really and could have bridged the gap between advanced sensory perception and value filters and Socrates So this is only the beginning of my reading not the end However Edelman notes how our memories and concepts about those memories form our identities A good start but be prepared for alot of hard vocabulary be patient ve gotta get thru about 80 pages before the book starts getting anywhere near interestingthe biological theory must show how the neural bases for consciousness could have arisen during evolution how consciousness develops in certain animalscausal status of consciousness epiphenomenon wo material conseuences efficacious causes things To Happen Neural Bases happen neural bases consciousness but not consciousness per se can cause things to happenhow a neural mechanism entails a subjective conscious state aleWilliam James consciousness is tterly dependent on the brain consciousness is embodiedhow properties of conscious experience can emerge from properties of brainconsciousness is a process not a thingJamesian properties of consciousnessprivatesubjective occurs only in the individualcontinuous albeit continually changingintentionality about thingseventsdoes not exhaust all aspects to which it refers nitaryintegrated scenes differentiated from moment to momentthe remembered presentall past experience is engaged in forming my integrated awareness of this single momentprimary consciousness lacking in semanticlinguistic capabilities socially defined self sense of past. How does the firing of neurons give rise to subjective sensations thoughts and emotions How can the disparate domains of mind and body be reconciled The For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde uest for a scientifically basednderstanding of consciousness has attracted study and speculation across the ages In this direct and non technical discussion of consciousness Dr Gerald M Edelman draws on a lifetime of. .
Wider Than the Sky The Phenomenal Gift of ConsciousnessFuturehigher order consciousness recreate past episodes form future intentionssemantic ability assignment of meaning to a symbollinguistic ability system of symbols grammaruale particular experience of some propertyualia higher order discriminations that constitute consciousness experienced as parts of Scary Stories 3 unitaryintegrated conscious sceneconscious events complex set ofaliaualia ability of conscious individuals to make high order discriminationsscientific description of consciousnessgive a causal account of description of consciousnessgive a causal account of btw these domains so properties in one domain may be The Penguin Atlas of Endangered Species understood in terms of events in the otherbrain based theory of consciousness should give a causal explanation of its properties but should not be expected to generatealia by description For me this book rates p there with other classics in science like Chance and Necessity by Jacue Monod So I did a single module of neuropsychology in college and have read a few books about the brain since to give you an idea of my backgroundTo me about half of it was comprehensible He starts off admirably explaining the theory of brain that he is basing this explanation of consciousness on This part is difficult but I was just about able to nderstand it and it was frankly fascinating I had never read an overall theory of the brain before and it was greatAs the book progresses though he loses all pretence of writing the book for a general or non expert audience After the theory of brain he goes into the basic theory of consciousness he is expounding this part is faintly Tono Bungay understandable though much of it was lost on me He then goes into specific topics like explainingalia the sense of feeling something and intentionality the intention to do something and these parts were way past me and I believe 80 90% of people out there which makes you wonder as I have done so often with these types of books why he bothered explaining things at the start if the book wasn t written for a general audience It wasn t an issue. Scientific inuiry into the workings of the brain to formulate answers to the mind body Magical Sweet Mermaid uestions that intrigue every thinking personConcise andnderstandable the book explains pertinent findings of modern neuroscience and describes how consciousness arises in complex brains Edelman explores the relation of consciousness to causation to evolution to the development of.

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