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Wounded Dogs of War MC #1

characters ã eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Monica Rossi

At first I was like wow what a great book but then I started to think about it What I decided was it s a good book w some issues I found the ending confusing and hope that there is a follow up soon BUT I think Sidney was AMAZINGLY funny I found her enjoyable then most female characters in other books I hope the next book explains because I Jacques Prevert really hate giving it such a lowating I agree with other people that this book is pretty ushed and I think that s because so much thrown into a smallish book Typically I hate the explained to death 5 different ways story but I think this one needs to just be a bit longer for it to eally work 25 stars The ending of this story felt Rushed And Left The Reader With Uestions Than Answers I and left the eader with uestions than answers I likely ead book 2 just to see if those uestions are answered however if it doesn t improve I will not continue on with the series ReviewThis had a lot. Sidney just wanted to escape from her family from the fiancé that broke her heart from a life that felt empty But when she "Moved To Three Rivers In "to Three Rivers in of a new start she never imagined how different life could eally be Or how sexy Red thought he had it all the love and loyalty of his brothers a lucrative business and the free. ,
Of different twists the writing was "interesting the characters likeable and fun I m going to ead on Stupid cliffhangerSidney is driving "the characters likeable and fun I m going to How to Write Essays read on Stupid cliffhangerSidney is driving day and and comes across a dark shape in theoad Being a veterinarian she stops to help the animal and finds a huge wolf The
*wold seems somewhat *
seems somewhat and she takes it home to heal it Just when she is getting attached to the wolf she finds out that it is actually a man and that werewolves exist This particular werewolf RyderRed is in a moterccyke club But things aren t ight in the club and people are out to kill himI had several problems with this story The story was great until Red has to Do A Fight And Sidney Distracts Red Yeah Lets Run a fight and Sidney distracts Red Yeah lets un where we have no business it was stupid to distract Red And I had a WTF moment at 69% We just find out Red has a kid You think that s something you tell somebody before you sleep with them Especiall. Dom to live life on his terms But all his illusions are shattered when he finds out that someone inside the Club is trying to kill him Can Sidney overcome her idea of what life should be and let herself love Will Red be able to navigate the internal intrigue of club politics and come out alive This book contains the first three ep. Y if you say you want her to be YOUR OLD LADY I NEED GO KNOW ABOUT DEMON old lady I need go know about Demon Ryder s history it was too cryptic and there was too much animosity I also hated that the author gave us sexual tenstion between Sindney and Demon I hate it when authors do that If this turns into a love triangle in the next story I m so over it Also I dont know anything about pack or club heriarchy but is it within Ryder s scope to off Tink a place in the club since he was in a ival club And witches I hate that Overall a decent but somewhat disappointing ead I will ead the next but if their story gies beyond that "i don t think i ll be interested "don t think i ll be interested ItThis is a great series and i am eally a great series and I am eally it I cannot wait to start book 2 Broken as soon as possible What is eally going on between Red Sydney and Demon This author eally eaches out and captures you ight from the start and just doesn t let Isodes of the Dogs of War series It is for adults aged 18 or over only Adult themes such as erotic omance graphic descriptions of immoral behavior including but not limited to sexual play drug use gang violence werewolves murder prostitution paranormal occurrences and much might be found within It is for the discerning eader onl.

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