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Nd political state it was in the 1800s Overall I found this book to be an insightful account of York s significant contribution The content was impressive but its presentation wasn t I could sense the book attempting to make it sound like a journalstory entry But with the lack of personal views to attempt an unbiased view and an overall view of York with the presented facts it had resulted into a somewhat mini textbook Though a great supplement to learning the expedition I can t see young children being immersed into the book For social studies grades 5 8 this would be a recommended source to keep in hand May also be great for any older students who were only taught of Lewis and Clark Most people on t know of the man named don t know of the man named who joined Lewis and Clark on their adventures This is because he was Clark s slave There was much ispute about a slave going on this voyage but Clark had argued that York would be the best addition to his team because of his bravery and strength York was than just Clark s slave he was his bodyguard and his friend This book was a good nonfiction book in that is was Full Of Factual Language of factual language helps give the readers and idea about what Lewis and Clark s journey may have been like Although most of the experiences are predicted because there are not many recorded accounts of their travels there are also some of Lewis s journal entries that add credibility to this book However I think that this nonfiction book was somewhat written like that of a textbook It seemed somewhat ry and just presented facts Although this makes it a credible nonfiction book it oesn t make it very appealing for young readers I think that this book would be beneficial for a student to use in a research project about Lewis and Clark s journey or about York yet I on t think it would be a book that a child would pick up to read for fun Title York s Adventures with Lewis and Clark An African American s Part of the Great Expedition By Rhoda BlumbergBibliographyBlumberg Rhoda 2004 York s Adventures with Lewis and Clark An African American s Part of the Great Expedition New York New York Harperscollins Publishers Annotation This biography tells the story of Clark s slave York who accompanied the Corps of Discovery on their uest to find the Northwest Passage Although York was a slave and brought on the expedition against his will he played a major part in the Lewis and Clark Expedition Native Americans were curious about him and that made negotiations easier even possible in some cases York s man power and The Majors Daughter dedication also helped propel the journey along He is often not given credit for all that heid but he is an American Hero Genre BiographyGrade Level 86Readers who will like this book Readers who like biographies history the Lewis and Clark Expedition exploring or books about African Americans will really enjoy this bookPersonal Response and Rating I rate this book a three out of a five It was a good book about an excellent topic but I expected it to be written better The biography was forced to make a lot of logical assumptions and I found the writing to be a bit jarring at times which pulled me out of the story Text Dependent uestion What were several instances Miss Shumway Waves a Wand during the expedition when York was treated as someone than a slave Whatoes this say about York s experience with #the Corps of Discovery and how he felt after the expeditionHow id the #Corps of Discovery and how he felt after the expeditionHow id the s layout of the book help contribute to your the reader s understanding of the bookThe author used a writing style that incorporated a lot of must haves Drawing on evidence from the text explain why the author id this Find an example of one of the must have sentences Do you think the sentence is an accurate reflection I never knew this story But I m so glad that I have read his story York is an extraordinary man that I wish people knew his story I find that this book would work rea. Search to give a gripping and insightful account of York's significant contribution to this landmark historical event. .

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review York's Adventures with Lewis and Clark An African American's Part in the Great Expedition

York's Adventures with Lewis and Clark An African American's Part in the Great ExpeditionThis was an interesting book for sure I really id enjoy it though it was a did enjoy it though It was a non fiction book It had many cool and interesting facts throughout the book as well I would use this in my classroom if I ever have to add a lesson about Lewis and Clark if I have that subject in my curriculum I will efinitely use this book Lewis and Clark if I have that subject in my curriculum I will efinitely use this book pictures to go alone with the words as well which made the book jump out even to me As the sayings go a picture is worth a thousand years Overall this was a good story overall about Lewis and Clark ad their encounters with other people and other cultures This book falls under non fiction and multicultural Good book overall and a good educational read Again I will possibly use this book in my own classroom if leaching about Lewis and Clark is in my curriculum Blumberg R 2003 York s adventures with Lewis and Clark The African American s part in the great expedition New York NY HarperCollins Publishers York s Adventures with Lewis and Clark An African American s Part in the Great ExpeditionRhoda BlumbergYork s Adventures with Lewis and Clark by Rhonda Blumberg is about Meriwether Lewis and William Clark s Great Expedition in the 1800 s The book etails the Expedition of Lewis and Clark through the eyes of an African American boy and slave to Clark named York Through the eyes of York the reader learns new information that is not necessarily covered in history classrooms in schools York became a servant for William Clark when William was fourteen years old and York was twelve or thirteen years old Almost twenty years later in 1803 the plans for the Great Expedition started to be planned between Clark and Meriwether Lewis The two men had to hire people to go on the excursion with them and they were all paid York was still a slave and so he was not paid for anything that he id Seeing as the group of men were to be together for around two years all of the white men around York worried about how everything would go Throughout the book it is noted that York notices the ifferences between Americans and people of other ethnicities and backgrounds such as Native Americans York was also very wondrous to the Native people because they had never seen a black individual before During the trip York was expected to make it #through all of the rough and risky situations There was a lot of #all of the rough and risky situations There was a lot of uring the trip but only one man In Defence of Dogs died Even though the group managed to reach the western coast they continued to sufferue to weather and poor euipment They stayed on the west coast for four months before heading back to St Louis Along the entire trip some Natives were very helpful and willing to feed the travelers while others shunned them away The group only had to fight with Natives one time when they were on their way back to St Louis through Missouri and only one Native was killed Upon returning to St Lewis almost two and a half years after the group had eparted people though that they had gotten lost and were startled but excited to see them During the expedition York was able to be around white men without having to o things that slaves would normally The City in Mind do like eat sleep and bathe in separate areas York experienced some shock when he continued his old lifestyle because he was considered much inferior by society because he was still a slave Eventually Clark moved to aifferent state which was Revenge (The Red Ledger devastating for York because he had his family back in Kentucky where Clark had originally lived York was able to visit his wife even though their marriage was not considered legal because they were slaves In 1816 Clark freed York but York suffered in the white man s world at the time and suffered until heied York No One Wants You died unrecognized for any of his participation and accommodationuring the Great Expedition with Lewis and Clark even though he acted as a major gateway with the Native communities I think that this book could be Did you know that an African American man participated in Lewis and Clark's famous expedition Working alongside free. .
Xtremely useful in a classroom I WAS NEVER TAUGHT ABOUT THE OTHER never taught about the other on the Great Expedition besides Lewis Clark and Sacajawea so reading this book was a huge shock to me because kids are not taught about the other people that made the expedition so successful This book could be used when teaching students about the Great Expedition at any grade level because I m sure students will be just as surprised as I was with this new information I liked this book It reinforced my knowledge new information I liked this book It reinforced my knowledge this subject This book is better than a 3 yet I am not sure I would give it a 4 Can t wait to hear what my grandchildren think about it My scoring may change after our The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity discussion My only pause is thoughts are given to York that I am not sure he thought Iid learn a lot of history and now want to know about the Lewis and Clark expedition as well as York With beautiful illustrations the story of York who was born a slave is told Even though he and William Clark grew up and played together in their youth he became the personal body servant of Clark When Meriwether Lewis asked William Clark to accompany him to across the continent to the Pacific Ocean Clark bought York with him York #was a great asset to the team because of his strength and stamina He also had #a great asset to the team because of his strength and stamina He also had intelligence and trading skills which helped the expedition through tough times After the expedition was over York Penguins Poems for Life did not receive any compensation for his contribution He alsoid not receive praise and recognition that the white A good clean biography that was interesting to me because I am in the middle of a Lewis and Clarkblack history learning streak but sadly this book was a bit ry and factual I would have rated it higher if I could have considered it a living book It was indeed written by one author who I m sure has a passion for the subjectthe passion just idn t really show through It was meticulously researched though and was a good source of information about York I id enjoy it uite a bitThe book I read just prior to this one is a good living book which included York in the narrative Sacajawea by Joseph Bruchac and which awoke my interest in learning about York So when I spotted York s Adventures with Lewis and Clark An African American s Part in the Great Expedition at the library I snatched it up I might go so far as to say that the reading of Isn t the answer just Lewis and Clark Who is York This is a perfect source that shows the flaws within our teachings in history This resourceful nonfiction is a biography of York an African American body servant to William Clark Within our almost forgotten etail of our history York played a very important role in the Lewis and Clark expedition from 1804 1806 Arguably the main reason for its success Though born as a slave in his youth he grew up and played with Clark before officially becoming the personal guard he was known to be As they Divine Beauty did almost everything together York had grew into a tall big muscular black man who was an able hunter strong swimmer and a sturdy hiker unuestionably ualified for the risky expedition In 1803 Meriwether Lewis had asked William Clark to accompany him on an extraordinary expedition and he had agreed Though Clark was uestioned on hisecision for a slave to join the voyage working alongside free men he knew that York would be a great asset Throughout the book you learn about York Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone during and after the expedition There were a lot of given facts but also told logical predictions of the experience because of the lack of recorded accounts It was expected that the credibility came from a white man s perspective ex Lewis and Clark s journal entries and letters Though I had wished for anything that may have seemed from York I find it very respectable that the author states the lack of sources for his untold story The book represents York s life as accurately as it can through the given sources and social Men Clark's slave York played an important role in the journey's successThis award winning bookraws on extensive re.

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